Creative Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Outdoor Patio Ideas with Fire Pits


Patio with Fire Pit

Patio with fire pit is a little world of refreshment and amenity. Beautiful Mediterranean word (in Spanish “patio” means “a courtyard without a roof”) unhesitatingly came into use of country houses owners.

Patio Table with Propane Fire Pit
Patio Table with Gas Fire Pit

An open-air living room in the shadow of plants is a snug corner in the zone, where visitors can recede from street bustle, deriving pleasure with nature or conversing in an agreeable company.

With the support of such detail of landscape design as a patio at the villa, you can outfit in that area a kind of a peristyle, where you can spend a good time, devoting your favorite activities.

Patio Designs with Fire Pit

Patio table with fire pit can be arranged in the core of the structure. Establish it much easier than to build a mantelpiece. In spring and autumn, it is so nice to delight your vacation at the yard next to the open fire, covering grates to grill meat.

Patio Set with Gas Fire Pit
Outdoor Patio Ideas with Fire Pit

Outdoor patio set with fire pit can be decorated in the style of a total area and creates a special atmosphere in the evening. The traditional accommodation has become a grill or a brazier, which is very convenient when you receive guests. Generally, such country yard can be organized in a kind of summer kitchen with worktop, barbecues, running water and a sink.

Patio with Fire Pit Designs
Patio Furniture with Fire Pit

Patio designs with fire pit gives a lot of opportunities for making the street hearth in various styles. It is especially significant presence of several brutal concrete elements in a decoration of the yard (modernism).

Patio Table with Fire Pit
Patio Dining Table with Fire Pit

The area with a fireplace in the Mexican style includes a large paved paths and bright colors. Wicker furniture, barbecue laid out from a mountain of stone or rubble is also common in Mexican styling. It will be amiss to ignore a small pond with fish and a small fountain, surrounded by a natural stone and pots with plants.

Outdoor Patio Set with Fire Pit
Patio Table with Fire Pit in Middle

Mediterranean style – its narrow paths, small cozy area, paved paths, plenty of plants in ceramic pots. Mosaic – one of the most important decorative elements of the garth in a Mediterranean style. The fire pit can be made of any refractory material: metal, ceramic (brick), stone (bottles, sandstone) and refractory concrete.


Deck Fire Pit Ideas

Deck fire pit can be expanded and then you get a whole rest area near the hearth. On its perimeter can be arranged benches or chairs, by the fireplace can be laid a gravel path. Interesting options and creative approach to the matter and the fire circle will become the focus of the suburban area.

Fire Pit on Wood Deck
Deck with Built in Fire Pit
Propane Deck Fire Pit

Fire pit on a deck be a perfect place for nooning and you could create it by your own hands. This case is not so baffling: the main thing – clear calculations, a complete set of materials and a little creativity.

Deck Designs with Fire Pit
Best Fire Pit for Wood Deck

Creating a platform for the deck with fire pit is not pricey, most importantly, that it will be fit in an original design. Such deck will not take much place, but it is quite appropriate for refreshment as well as for parties.

Deck Ideas with Fire Pit
Fire Pit For Wood Deck

Deck fire pit ideas and you create near your dwelling a snug square.

To start – you should designate the place where will be – a platform; take measurements and put labels on the corners for the future platform.


How to Create Deck Fire Pit

  • Initiate to set the groundwork for the platform – to do this you should get 4 beams in a thickness of 4 cm. The length of the beam defines itself, depending on the free space outside the dwelling;
  • Supports should be laid at the desired interval and set on the blocks of Pierce;
  • Support beams and pier blocks must be raised to a height of about 20 cm. In the space provided for the blocks lay gravel, it will provide a stable basis for future platforms and will protect it from corrosion;
  • Check the level of beams – they should locate perpendicular to the support beam. Then balks should be fastened. Creating a foundation of the platform is the most labour-intensive part of the job.

Deck Fire Pit Ideas
Ground Level Deck with Fire Pit

If you have free access to some amount ten of used pallets, you can pave by them a small seating area.

Such flooring for outdoor terraces would require additional work, leveling platform, caulking slots, surface grinding and soaking wood from rotting. But the result is relevant – you have the original “deck” in the country, where you can relax in comfort. Additionally you can cover your patio, which is also looks great and really useful.


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