How to Plant Tulip Bulbs

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We cannot imagine a spring garden without color large tulips. These are stunning flowers that create a real spring mood and delight us already at the beginning of April. They can be combined with other plants because tulips are loved by many neighbors: daffodils, peonies, lilies of the valley and others.

Pink Tulips

Tulips have many varieties, even subspecies mixes (with roses or peonies). We can make our garden bright, positive and cozy with easy ideas how to plant tulip bulbs. Experienced gardeners also share useful tips on how to improve the life of tulips and how to preserve the bulbs until next season.


Easy Steps to Plant Tulip Bulbs

Don’t afraid that tulips will difficult to grow. Bulbs can  purchase at any gardening store. You can take bulbs from last year if you dry them properly. The best time to plant bulbs is in late September or early October.

Tulip Bulbs Soil Planting

The soil should be dug up and fertilized, there should be no lumps.

Tulip Bulbs Growing

Too clay soil is best diluted with sand. The place has been prepared and now we proceed to planting:

  • Check the bulbs carefully, they must be firm, not damaged or rotted. You can land them one at a time or in small groups;
  • The pointed part should point to the side or down. If the bottom looks up, it will make it difficult for the tulip bulbs to plant;
  • After covering with soil, you need to water the tulips. Do not create a swamp; the soil should be moist but not overflowed;
  • After 10-15 days, the bulbs will develop roots and will be able to gain a foothold in the soil. The roots will grow until frost and then a dormant period. In order for the wintering to be comfortable, the plant must grow reliably with roots;
  • In early spring, the roots will be about 3 cm, this is normal. Shorter lengths will give tulips difficulty growing.


How to Care for Tulips

The beginning of tulip care begins when you see the first shoots. Experts advise choosing a dry type of top dressing when the sprouts start to rise and then choosing a liquid type when the stalks are taller.

How to Care for Tulips

It must be remembered that when growing tulip bulbs (when the plant fades), you need to cut them off. Fallen dead petals can spread the infection into the ground. During the flowering period, you need to remove the weeds in the clubs. Alien plants will “steal” the moisture that tulips need (especially during the flowering period). Not all gardeners dig up bulbs (if the climate is warm). But this leads to their drying out.

Tulips Monte Carlo

Without digging, the bulbs can produce daughter seeds and completely shrink or die after just 2 years. If you want to see big and strong buds, then dig up the bulbs in the fall. You cannot pull them out of the ground immediately after flowering. The bulbs need to be dried so that they dry at a temperature of 20-25 degrees.

Zurel Tulip

Then you need to clean them of old scales and sort them. Store them in a warm, dry place and keep them dry. Some gardeners prepare boxes and put bulbs in sawdust. One of the best neiborn fo tulips is daffodil.


Popular Varieties of Tulips

These amazing flowers come in many types and hundreds of varieties. Many agro companies are finding solutions to create exciting new hybrids.

Tulips Landscaping

Types and varieties differ in appearance, cultivation and care. Some types thrive in temperate climates, others like more humid regions.

Tulips Flowers

There are lily-colored, simple early, triumph species, Darwin’s hybrids, green-colored tulips and so on. The most popular varieties are Princess Irene, White Prince, Monte Carlo, Foxtrot, Zurel, Ile de France, Cheers and others. To plant various tulip bulbs will study the features of each species so that the flowers are healthy and beautiful.


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