Roast Duck Stuffed With Apples

Roast Duck Stuffed with Apples Recipe

If chicken meat presents on our tables quite often, the roasted duck with apples recipe is a classic dish as cooking more for a family dinner, as for special occasion, when guests are invite, everyone can get some piece from big couple. Duck is very tasty bird. Nourishing, hot, appetizing, it is an indispensable guest on our festive table. Not only because it is tasty, but because it is very useful, because duck meat contains many useful substances: protein, vitamins of group B, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, others.


Roast Duck With Apples Recipe

Whole Duck with Apples Recipe

This dish also has symbolic meaning. It’s presence on table means peace, prosperity, family well-being. Therefore, don’t forget make wonderful evening. Today we’ll share own secrets culinary piggy bank- sure your holiday’ll stay special and tasty among them.

Roasted Duck with Apples Recipe

This recipe isn’t difficult in cooking by striking in simplicity and clarity. Perhaps, it’s the most delicious, because apples surround carcass out all sides from bottom, sides, top. Thanks to apple dressing, meal becomes juicy and not fat, since they absorb excess fat, and garlic makes duck very fragrant.

Roasted Duck with Apple Dressing

Roast Duck Stuffed with Apples Recipe

Roast Duck Stuffed With Apples

Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 1 hr 30 mins
Total Time 1 hr 45 mins


  • 1 (6-pound) duck
  • 2-3 delicious apples
  • 1 small yellow onion
  • 4-6 garlic cloves, crushed
  • salt, pepper as like


  • Heat up oven towards 350F
  • Rinse whole duck under water, after dry. Pull fat from its cavity, take roasting fork to prick skin all over– do this lightly as you don’t want pierce meat.
  • Rub meat generously inside by garlic, salt, pepper.
  • Having prepared carcass, time do stuffing. Better take sour fruits. Wash, clear seeds, cut into large cubes or slices. Lightly sprinkle them per lemon juice before they darken. Stuff cavity among garlic plus onion. May add some herbs, citrus fruit you prefer.
  • Prepare apples tightly, but not too tight inside. Too many mince'll cause skin tense, burst when baking. After stuffing, sew. Just use toothpicks, which can be stabbed to cut.
  • Tie ends legs together with string. Lift wing tips, then over back; tuck under carcass.
  • Place bird (upside down) into a roasting pan. Add enough water cover surface. Steam liquid around duck within roasting tray– not over.
  • Roast during 45 minutes under cloak at temperature 350F. If there's no suitable lid, aluminum foil may cover duck.
  • Uncover, increase oven temperature till 425F, pour portion by formed juice accumulated into roasting pan, roast 30 minutes more. No longer cover up so that piece roasts, forms crisp crust.
  • Increase heat to 475-500F, roast uncovered for another 10-15 minutes, periodically pouring via resulting juice. Until determine readiness, pierce it with knife: if released juice contains no blood, meat is ready.
  • Gently get it out of oven, let stand during 10-15 minutes, then put in a large dish. Release belly of thread, put stuffing from apples. Pour by filling with sauce collected during baking. Meat should be so well cooked that it can be easily pulled apart as served in chunks.
  • This delicious dish should be served immediately on the table dressing by resulting sauce, cooled meal will no longer have such an intoxicating aroma and taste. Usually served within various sauces, vegetable salads, various side dishes, dry red wine are excellent addition.

Roasted Duck with Apples


Bon appetit!


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