How to Grow and Care for Christmas Lily

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There are many gorgeous flowers you can grow in your home or garden. Many gardeners like to grow Christmas lily and choose big varieties of different colors.

Try to grow 5-7 bulbs to see how simple and beautiful it is.


Easy Ways to Grow Christmas Lily

Bulbs are ready to be planted in the ground and now you are looking at other points to consider before planting Christmas lily.

They must develop properly to produce strong and thick stems.

But there are some special advice from experienced gardeners:

  • The place for growing such lilies must be well-drained. In other words, there should be no stagnation of water in the ground;
  • Lilies do not like drafts. You can make natural or artificial screens. For example, a green hedge, a barn wall, a gazebo, and so on;
  • In the fall,  adjust the planting dates. The bulbs are planted in the soil at the end of September or mid-October;
  • Bulbs should not be planted in the ground if there is mold or rot on their surface. Also remove any bulbs that have become soft;
  • It is better to hold the bulbs for 20 to 30 minutes in a warm solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection from microbes and pests.


How to Care for Christmas Lily

Taking care of these types of lilies is not too difficult. We can say that caring for orchids requires more attention.

For fertilizers, it is better to choose liquid types that have a high potassium content.

Basically, these lilies bloom once a year. It is best to cut the shriveled stem off so that the bulb does not waste energy on seeds.


Christmas Lily Methods To Grow


Prune this back in the autumn when the leaves are completely dry and fall off. If you leave the bulbs outside for the winter, cover them with dry leaves to protect them from frost.

Sprouts can germinate even in winter in certain climates. It is better to cut or divide them to expand your lily garden.


Best Tips on Growing

Growing a Christmas lily begins by choosing bulbs that are strong, dry and vibrant.

It is ideal to choose a place with partial shade for them (for the street or at home). Too much light is bad for budding sprouts, and full shade will also hurt them.

Now there are still simple things that are important for growing lilies:

  • The soil must be nutritious for the bulb to develop correctly and the sprout to be healthy. Add fertilizer before planting the bulb;
  • The best time to plant bulbs in the soil is early morning or late afternoon. It is important that the sun does not injure the delicate bulbs. Then you need to water all the holes after instillation;
  • To grow these lilies in a container, make shallow holes and water the soil after planting the bulbs;
  • After planting in the soil, feeding will be done only in the spring so that the plants receive useful nutrients before flowering.

If you are looking for an incredible plant that will bring you big, perfect and fragrant flowers, then the Christmas Lily is an excellent choice.

It is possible to grow this in the house all year round, but for the garden it is better to choose a warm summer.


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