The Best Way to Store Lettuce

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Many people have a healthy diet and prefer to eat fresh salads. Greens are a must and we want to keep them as fresh as possible for a long time. We can not always use this at one time and the question arises – what to do with greens after buying or picking in the garden. It is best to store lettuce in the refrigerator, but there are a few simple rules for keeping it crisp and fresh.

You can grow it at home and then use these tips to preserve your crop.


Ways How to Store Lettuce

To store your own growed lettuce you need to cut greens from the garden. Now separate the roots from the leaves.

Fill a large bowl with water and rinse the leaves thoroughly so that dirt and sand falls to the bottom.




Now the leaves need to be dried to remove moisture from the sink, but not completely dry them (it is better to use a salad spinner).

Castings will get a little damp but not wet – that’s what you need.

Now about the storage methods:

  • Use a plastic container with openings for air circulation;
  • You can also take a zip bag and make small holes there;
  • There are also food nets that let the air through and the greens remain fresh.


How to Keep Lettuce Crisp Longer?

If you like lettuce, you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

The leaves are stored for about this time, but with the roots, you can keep the plant longer. It depends on the variety, but casting with roots can be kept for up to 3 weeks.

How to Store Lettuce

To keep lettuce leaves crispy you need to put this in a container with good ventilation.

Pre-wash the leaves and remove excess moisture. If you don’t have a salad spinner, you can place the lettuce on a paper towel.

Change it when it gets wet. The main purpose is to put the leaves in the refrigerator when they are slightly moistened.

How to Keep Lettuce Fresh and Crispy

With good air circulation, you can keep them crispy for longer. Check the leaves every 2 days to make sure they are stored properly.


Best Lettuce Salads

Lettuce salads are delicious and healthy dishes. Most often it is not high in carbohydrates and fat.

The products have a rich taste thanks to the skillful combinations of ingredients. Mayonnaise and other harmful elements are not used for the sauce.

These are vitamin salads and many of them are very satisfying. You can prepare these salads at home and delight your family.

Lettuce Salad

In most cases, all ingredients are taken fresh (except for some recipes). The goal of herb salads is to provide your body with more nutrients to stay healthy. The most popular and rather simple salad recipes with lettuce are following:

  • Mushroom salad with lettuce and thyme;
  • Lettuce salad with citrus and croutons;
  • Salad with lettuce and hazelnuts;
  • Lettuce salad, radishes with lemon and garlic dressing;
  • Wild lettuce salad with raisins and nuts;
  • Salad with grapes, lettuce and blue cheese;
  • Salad with lettuce, fennel, bacon and green peas.

Try other recipes that include cherry tomatoes, cheese, parsley, olive oil and other ingredients.

You can store garden lettuce longer or purchase it from the store. Check the plant during storage.

If you notice that the leaves are starting to wither, then it is better to throw it away than risk your health.


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