Best Ideas to Paint Fireplace in Black

Black Painted Fireplace 940x788

Painting a fireplace made of brick or stone is not a bad idea. It will save you a lot of time for cleaning and you will always stay within your budget. If you want a black painted fireplace, you may hesitate because this idea seems a bit strange and even striking for many. The first tip here is never to ask other people for advice.

You will hear a lot of different opinions and get lost in this stream of cons and pros.

Fireplace painting will give you the following advantages:

  • You will never have to reface it
  • You can update your room design at a low cost.
  • It will attract the attention of your potential buyers when the time to sell your home comes.

All in all, it is your home and it is up to you to decide how it should look like.

As soon as I understood this simple truth, I started to take action. Here, I want to share with you what I did, how I did it, and what results I obtained.


Can You Paint a Fireplace Black?

No doubt, you can paint your fireplace black. You should never underestimate the black color.

Black Fireplace Ideas

When you are looking for an appropriate look, make sure that you know how well it will match your interior design.

Let’s consider all the pros of this unexpected solution:

  1. White looks boring while black provides a new aesthetic vibe to the whole place;
  2. A dark color does not expose all imperfections you may be worried about;
  3. Black is difficult to spoil with other substances and occasional spots – no one will ever see them;
  4. It is easy to clean the black painted fireplace and maintain it;
  5. A black fireplace looks stylish and it is suitable for any type of room design.

Isn’t it enough to persuade you? If you are sure now that your choice is right, let’s start.


Prepare Your Fireplace Before Painting

Preparatory work is quite important.

You need to be sure that your fireplace is clean both inside and outside.

Give all the surfaces a good scrub. Utilize a tough wire brush.

You can make a solution with white vinegar, water, and some dish soap for a better result.

Clean Fireplace Before Painting

After cleaning, wipe the surfaces carefully. Leave the thing to dry out completely. If it is a brick fireplace, you may even need a day or two because brick is porous and absorbs moisture easily.

You will also need a special tape. Place it around the fireplace to protect other surfaces from excess paint.


Which Paint Is Better to Use?

Now, it’s time to choose the paint. It should be for indoor application, heat-resistant, and with latex in it. You may think about gloss, semi-gloss, or matte variants.

The latter one worked the best for me because I hate the glow from the fire being reflected from the shining surface and exposing all the defects. Moreover, the gloss paint is less temperature-resistant.

Your black painted fireplace should look elegant, so probably, the semi-gloss version is the best option.

If the fireplace is made of brick, be sure that you have chosen the paint for brick surfaces. Other types will crack and shatter.


Easy Steps to Paint Your Fireplace in Black

After your fireplace has been cleaned and dried out, follow the next steps to proceed.

Step 1. Priming

Use an oil-based and stain-preventing primer. It will protect the surface from further soot stains and make it smoother and flatter for the paint application.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a small brush with stiff bristles. Then, let the primer dry out completely.

Step 2. Painting

You also need a roller and a small paintbrush to touch up spots that may not be available. Apply the chosen paint in a thin, even layer.

How to Paint Black Fireplace

Think about the amount of paint you need. Depending on the quality of the surface material, you may need to apply two or even three layers.

Don’t forget to leave the paint for drying out after each layer’s application.

Look at the entire item. You may need some slight touches of the paintbrush in a few spots you have initially missed.

Black Fireplace

Now, your job is over. You can enjoy your beautiful and stylish black painted fireplace.

This DIY project will not take you a lot of time though the results will last and please you.


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