Outdoor Winter Party Ideas for Festive Mood

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How can you have a good time in the cold, away from a warm cozy house with a burning fireplace? In fact, there are a lot of options. And it is not at all necessary to shiver from the cold in a dense forest in a tent. Especially for you, I have prepared several outdoor winter party ideas so that you have a lot of good impressions without negative consequences.


How to Organize a Winter Party Outdoors

If you are determined to make an open air party in winter, you will definitely have a vivid experience that you will remember for a long time.

Ideas for Outdoor Party in Cold


So folks, here are some good outdoor party tips to help you solve important organizational questions:

  • Choose a suitable place for your party and decorate it. A garden or courtyard is ideal;
  • Think well the menu for guests;Winter Party Cake
  • Figure out how to cheer up your guests. I will offer you some interesting ideas on how to make all the invitees interesting and fun.


How to Decorate Place for an Outdoor Party

Organizing a special country party is a great idea.

Snowball Party


I advise you to pay special attention to decorating the territory:

  • Be sure to arrange cool illumination in the country! LED garlands and neon strips will help you;
  • If it’s a New Year party dress up the Christmas tree fabulously. If there is none, dress any country tree in the New Year’s outfit;
  • Make the snowmen! You can try to make it look like some of your guests. Believe me, when family and friends see their caricature snowmen, there will be no limit to joy;
  • Decorate your garden area with snow and ice figures and ice souvenirs if the weather allows;
  • Take care of snow-cleared paths, prepare places for children to play and for adults to relax.


Winter Outdoor Activities

If there is a lot of snow on the eve of the party, you’re in luck.

Snowball Party Decorations


There are many winter activities that all your guests will like, regardless of their age and interests.


Backyard Fun Party

I have prepared for you the list of the best winter activity ideas for outdoor parties:

  • Play snowballs. It is simply amazing but this childish game will cause delight not only among children but also among adults. You can split into several teams, build fortresses and arrange real snow competitions;
  • Make a snowman or snow figures. You can arrange a competition, for example, who can make the biggest snowman or build the tallest fortress. If there is a lot of snow, you are limited only by your imagination;
  • Go sledding, snowboarding, ice skating. Sledding is one of the most pleasant childhood memories of every person. It’s good if there is a snow slide next to your house. If not, you can split into teams and have fun sled races;
  • If the snow has just fallen and you have a large backyard or garden, play hide and seek. Arrange a competition for the best tracker and find each other on footprints.


Some Ideas For a Fun Outdoor Party

If you live in the city center and don’t have a garden or country house to host your party, don’t get upset.

Marshmallows Winter Party


You can enjoy your time with family and friends on the street.


Outdoor Festive Table Winter


If you are looking for an original way to celebrate the NY or you have nowhere to celebrate, gather a group of close friends, grab food and champagne and walk along the streets congratulating other people.


Easy Winter Party Organizing


For the New Year or Christmas, you can dress up in festive costumes. Everybody will be glad to meet Santa Claus and his friends.


Fantastic Winter Party


It doesn’t matter where your winter outdoor party is going to be: in a club, at home, in a country house, or in a garden.


Outdoor Winter Party Decor Ideas


The most important thing is a good mood and best friends nearby!


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