Best Water Themed Activities for Kids

Fun and Creative Water Activities for Kids of All Ages

Water activities for kids is a zero-risk idea to entertain children on hot summer days. Children love this activity most of all as it’s will be really fun addition for any beach themed birthday party.

Active games with water are healthy and make children to spend more time outside. They can amuse them for hours and refresh when it’s hot. Water games is a wonderful alternative if there is no possibility to go to the beach.

Well, don’t beat your brain any more, as I have the best advice how to set up mini water park on your backyard. There are as active games so creative art crafts. Inflatable pools, water guns, slides and many other water activities are waiting for you!

12 Best Water Themed Activities for Kids to Keep Cool This Summer


DIY Water Sprinkler Blasters

DIY Water Blasters Kiddie Sprinkler

DIY water blasters kiddie sprinkler via Mom Endeavors, it would be great for some fun water play!


Kiddie Pool Kickball

Kiddie Pool Kickball: Group Dating for Teens Summer Style

Kiddie pool kickball: group dating for teens summer style by Lets Get Together.


Pool Noodle Water Wall

DIY Pool Noodle Water Wall

DIY pool noodle water wall via Teaching Mama.


PVC Pipe Water Shooter

Make Cool PVC Pipe Water Shooter Toy

Make cool PVC pipe water shooter toy via Frugalfun4boys. It is so much fun and I know your kids will absolutely love it!


Soap Boat Races

How To Make Soap Boat Races

How to make soap boat races via IHeartNaptime. This project is one that you should definitely consider.


Pool Noodle Boats

Pool Noodle Boats Water Sensory Bin

Pool noodle boats water sensory bin via Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail.


Water Pistol Painting

Water Pistol Painting Outdoor Kids Art

Water pistol painting outdoor kids art by Messy Little Monster.


Mini Water Blobs

How To Make Mini Water Blobs

How to make mini water blobs via Hello Wonderful.


Run Water Slide

How To Make Marble Run Water Slide

How to make marble run water slide via Mama Papa Bubba.


Fun Water Balloon Game

DIY Fun Water Balloon Games

DIY fun water balloon games via One Crazy House.


Scented Rainbow Science

Scented Rainbow Science and Sensory Play

Scented rainbow science and sensory Play by Fun a Day.


Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Make Fun Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Make fun rainbow bubble snakes via Housing a Forest.


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