Is It Safe To Use A Fire Pit Under Covered Patio

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Modern houses make the outdoor area beautiful and comfortable following innovative trends. Nowadays, garden décor can be amazing but also practical. A simple fireplace is boring for a modern person who wants to combine comfort and practicality. You want to make a fire and dream of gathering there with friends and family, but what about the rain or snow? A project for a covered patio with fire pit will be the best solution.

Pergola Fire Pit Safety

This is a modern installation that will protect the fireplace from precipitation and allow you to enjoy the fire outdoors at any time of the year. Now you can throw a cool party in spite of the weather changes.


How to Build Covered Patio With Fire Pit?

For safety using your pits under patio, start to think about right building and installation it. Of course, it can be a separate building or an addition to the house. The roof can be extended or an additional canopy can be made on pillars.

Can You Put A Fire Pit Table Under Patio

Entrust the design work to a specialist who knows the details of such structures. For example:

  • You cannot take plastic for the canopy, because it can deform from the heat and fire of the fire pit (or take into account a special level of height);
  • After the ceiling question, you need to make ventilation or a semi-open space. Campfire pits cannot be used indoors because the smoke is toxic;
  • Find out the movement of the winds in your climate zone;
  • You also need to know the rules for placing a fire from a residential building and other buildings;
  • Determine the height of the fire or the depth of the pit. Here, not only design is important, but also its ratio to the height of the ceiling;
  • Finally, you need to choose the material of the fire. The safest materials are stone, concrete or brick.


Can I Put a Fire Pit Table Under a Patio?

Your dream is to make your patio area not only beautiful but also functional. Of course, you have a design question because you are looking at a variety of design ideas. A great solution is a fireplace with a table so that you feel comfortable lighting it up or setting up a barbecue.

Safety Rules For Fire Pit Under Covered Patio

But the question is that the covered patio with fire pit almost always has a stand. It is important to select a specific material to maintain the safety of such an area. It is best to make a solid brick or concrete table. You can also choose natural or artificial stone.

Covered Patio With Fire Pit

Plastic and wooden tables are prohibited. The material must be durable and resistant to temperature changes.


The Safest Rules for Using Fire Pits Under Patio

  • Always look at the wind and its speed;
  • Do not burn construction wood and waste;
  • Always have a way to put out the flame;
  • Do not leave children near fire;
  • Keep chairs away from flames.

Types of Fire Pit

It is important to study the types of fire pits in order to choose the right material, design and operating principle.

Propane Patio Fire Pit Table

The main types are gas and wood. If you are using a gas system or a cylinder, then bring the hose to the fire. This system works like a gas oven in a home. You light the fuse and you get fire.

How To Use Fire Pit In Covered Patio

The wood type is more environmentally friendly and beautiful. If you love naturalness, you will love stacking firewood and looking at the burning logs in your closed patio with fire pit. The wooden type is also cheaper and safer.


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