Brilliant Tapestry Ideas for Decorating Your House

Brilliant Tapestry Ideas for Decorating Your House


Which mandala wall tapestry is yours?

A mandala wall tapestry is a fashionable trend at present time. People from all over the world are getting more and more of these ancient Indian style interior details and they are very satisfied with what they have. So, you may also try the mystery and fascination of such wall decoration.

Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging

A mandala wall hanging tapestry is one of the most widespread uses of this drawing and type of decorations. Of course, these drawings may be used for blankets, pillows, ceiling decorations, scarves etc. Their use is really multiple and it is getting more and more popular with time.

Blue Mandala Ttapestry Hippie

But tapestries for walls are traditionally the most frequent as they have been use for centuries by aristocrats and simple people who hang them to keep warmth in winter or autumn and for covering beds. Now their use if much broader and this type of weaving can be seen even on the serviettes.

Mandala Wall Tapestry Blue

The wall tapestry mandala may have almost any colour but remember that it should not be too bright, especially if you put or hang it in the bedroom as too bright colours may not let you relax before sleeping.

Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry

The colours with yellow, mild green and blue or white tints are perfect for the bedroom atmosphere. In the living rooms you may hang red or orange mandalas as you want to feel active and energetic during the day and that is what these colours contribute to.

Mandala Wall Tapestry Bohemian

The mandala tapestry wall hanging is an original way to give more uniqueness and vividness to any room and a perfectly chosen decoration of such type is able to change the atmosphere of a room fully.

Wall Tapestry Mandala

So don’t be afraid to use these oriental drawings on your walls as they are really magical and harmonizing. You will feel it when using it.

 Brilliant ideas for using your wall tapestry in innovative ways

The blue mandala tapestry is one of the most popular choices to get online nowadays and this situation of Indian motives being popular at present is quite intriguing.

Blue Mandala Tapestry

Actually, a mandala is a beautiful pattern of Indian culture and it often has a lot of symbolic meanings for people of this country.

Dark Blue Mandala Tapestry

But at present people love using these mysterious patterns everywhere and it may be connected with the fact that such hasty way of modern life makes us try to find some harmony around us. The mandalas are famous for their ability to harmonize energy around them when looking at.

Blue Elephant Mandala Tapestry

A mandala wall hanging tapestry might become a wonderful decoration for any room if its owners are admirers of Indian culture and designs. Before getting a tapestry with such original design, you may ask sellers what this drawing does, as every mandala has its function and it may be quite different.

Blue Mandala Indian Print Tapestry

A dark blue mandala tapestry is an excellent selection for a living room but you have to be sure it is in harmony with the other interior details and the styling of a room is not too versatile.

Blue Tapestry Mandala

So select your own mysterious oriental drawing and enjoy the pleasant changes in your life.


The multifunctional wall hanging tapestry

A wall hanging tapestry is a perfect match for you in case you don’t have a lot of opportunities to have a big repair. So it will allow you to receive a bright decoration for the wall or a partition and not only that.

Kinkade Tapestry Wall Hangings

So it will allow you to receive a bright decoration for the wall or a partition and not only that.

Custom Tapestry Wall Hangings
Old Tapestry Wall Hangings
Tapestry Wall Hanging Ideas Bedroom

The European tapestry wall hangings are very widespread as they are not expensive and often they possess very picturesque drawings and styles.

Tapestry Wall Hangings Antique

Of course, they are not so bright and mysterious as the oriental ones but still very interesting.

European Tapestry Wall Hangings
Map Middle Earth Tapestry Wall Hanging
Canvas Tapestry Wall Hangings
Irish Wall Hangings Tapestries

Irish tapestries often have got rather interesting and bright patterns like a Celtic green tree or some other traditional signs and symbols of this ancient culture.

Decorative Tapestry Wall Hangings
Tapestry Wall Hangings Tumblr
Pagan Tapestries and Wall Hangings
Band Tapestry Wall Hangings

The South American tapestry wall hangings can also be very original and unique and if you attracted by the magic and history of the famous tribes of that area, you will admire the patterns and colours of these wall hangings for sure.

Last Supper Tapestry Wall Hanging
Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry
Russian Tapestry Wall Hangings
The Last Supper Tapestry Wall Hanging

The African tapestries wall hangings are very popular with the students and active persons who love wild and bright patterns that let them dive into the wild animals, safari, desert area pictures and a lot of sun.

African Tapestries Wall Hangings
Antique Tapestry Wall Hangings
Vertical Tapestry Wall Hangings
Thomas Kinkade Tapestry Wall Hangings

On a cold winter day such a pattern will lift up your spirits and bring you a lot of energy.

Thai Kalaga Hanging Wall Tapestry
Painted Tapestry Wall Hangings

Wall Hanging Tapestry Tumblr

All these kinds of wonderful tapestries are able to help you create a fast makeover of any room or dwelling without spending too much money on it.


How to use a large wall tapestry

When you have neither time nor desire to change design of your living room or bedroom radically, you may obtain a large wall tapestry.

Large Wall Tapestry Hippie

It will let you to change the whole atmosphere in a room and add more colours and life to an ordinary room.
Large Wall Hanging Tapestry Kits

Such wall decorations may be of different kinds – from woven to cotton ones and they might have any pattern you want.

Large Wall Tapestry Hanging
Large Wall Tapestry Art

Among the wall decorations you may find large antique wall tapestries which will create a pleasant old and aristocratic kind of design.

Extra Large Tapestries for Walls

You may feel as if you were a king living in a large and magnificent castle.

Large Tapestries Wall Hangings

All you need for that – to hang a beautiful pattern fabric of those times in a room.

Extra Large Wall Tapestry

The other interior details are desirable to correspond to the whole stylistics.

Extra Large Tapestry Wall Hangings

You may have a table that is made in the same century style, for example, and the other small details and decoration of the royal styling will make up the whole view.

Tapestry Wall Hangings Large
Tapestries Large Wall Hangings
Large Tuscan Wall Tapestries
Indian Wall Tapestry Large

You might also hang it as a partition in any room or place.


Large Antique Wall Tapestries

But these patterns are temporary for putting as when the holiday has come it is better to change the fabric and the drawing for the more appropriate one.

Wall Hanging Tapestry Large
Large Wall Hangings Tapestries

The large Italian tapestry wall hangings are exquisite patterns and styling that will bring more sophistication and beauty even to the simplest flat or house.

Large Tapestry Wall Hanging
Large Wall Hanging Tapestry

Thus, you may have one of the best world pictures of Italian artists in the woven or usual fabric variants at your place of living for a reasonable pricing and in quite a short period of time.

Large Italian Tapestry Wall Hangings

A large Christmas wall tapestry will bring you the holiday mood immediately as you hang it near your bed or sofa.

Large Christmas Wall Tapestry

Select the most appropriate variant of this interior detail for yourself.


Rooms where timeless tapestries steal the show

A hippie wall tapestry is an effective way of inexpensive makeover of any room of your house or flat.

Hippie Wall Hangings and Tapestries

You might think that it is doubtful but if you try to hang a tapestry even once, you will be surprised how nice it looks and how great it changes your area of living.

Wall Tapestry Hippie Bedroom
Wall Hangings Tapestries Hippie

The hippie tapestry wall décor usually includes various patterns of amazing and bright mandalas that hypnotize you and make you relax.

Tapestry Hippie Wall Hanging

Mandalas may be of any colour and design and each of them has a unique ability to influence the general atmosphere in the place.

Hippie Wall Hanging Tapestry

Ancient Indians used them in everyday life as well as for religious purposes.

Hippie Tapestry Wall Decor

But large hippie wall tapestries can be also with drawings or embroideries of animals, flowers etc. as hippies were people who fought for peace and love all over the world. Thus, the patterns of this style are always peaceful and close to nature.

Large Hippie Wall Tapestries

The small hippie wall tapestries can be woven or embroidered and they may be hung not only on the walls.

Hippie Tapestry for Wall

The small woven patterns can be used as serviettes, bed coverings etc. despite the fact that they are little, they are able to harmonize and transform any room in a great way.

Tapestries Hippie Wall Hangings

As we know the general atmosphere and style are created from little and minor details very often.

Large Wall Tapestry Hippie

The handmade embroidered mandalas and other patterns are extremely beautiful and popular but their price is higher than that of a usual factory product of such kind.

Tapestry Wall Hangings Hippie

So If you have time but no opportunities to obtain such an item, you may try embroidering it by yourself.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Hippie
Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging
Small Hippie Wall Tapestries

In this case you will have the tapestry and pattern that you really like and into which you put a lot of energy. Many people love to create things by themselves.


Benefits of the Indian wall tapestry

If you once had the Indian wall tapestry, you must know that it is a unique sort of woven patterns or printed fabrics.

Indian Tapestry Wall HangingsThe first peculiarity of the following oriental covering is that it has got expressive oriental patterns and pictures.

Indian Wall Tapestry Large
Wall Hanging Tapestry Indian

So when you admire Indian motives, culture and views on the world, you are to obtain such type of the cover.

Indian Wall Hanging Tapestry
American Indian Tapestry Wall Hanging

The Indian wall tapestry hangings are often handmade and that is why they might cost quite a high price.

Wall Hanging Indian Tapestries

Plus, these interior details may also be painted with natural paints and that is a big advantage for having a naturally painted covering at your home or place of living.

Indian Wall Tapestry Hangings
Small Indian Wall Tapestry

But again if painting is natural, such a product will cost much higher than the usual one got in the store with the usual quality.

Anyway, if you have such an opportunity, obtain the original natural Indian design tapestries as it is not only impressively beautiful but also safe for your health or health of your family members.

Indian Wall Hangings and Tapestries

Sari Tapestry Indian Wall Hanging

The small Indian wall tapestry may be your good selection if you live in a dormitory or you just don’t have much space and large walls in your living place.

Tapestry Indian Wall Hanging

Even a little detail with oriental motives and bright patterns will ring some zest to your dwelling.

Antique Indian Tapestry Wall Hanging

When you are tired or depressed, look at the colourful mandalas or viable elephants and your mood will improve in a few minutes, for sure.

Tapestry Wall Hangings Indian
Beaded Tapestry Indian Wall Hanging Indian Silk Tapestry Wall Hanging

The handmade beaded tapestry Indian wall hanging is a pleasure for the eyes of every person and quite often you may see the embroidered covers which have rich colouring and incredible looks. It is really hard to find as gorgeous and rich in decoration coverings as Indian ones. That is for sure if you try it once, you will want to have some more.


Decorate kids rooms with wall tapestry

An elephant wall tapestry is extremely popular in a lot of countries and so many people love to have cute Indian animal motives in their homes. The Indian coverings and hangings have got a lot of advantages. First, they are often made of natural good quality fabrics or they might be woven, embroidered or beaded.

Elephant Wall Hanging Tapestry

Very often you can see tapestries with elephant mandalas and these patterns are so cute that not only adults like them but also kids like to have such details near their beds. Cute big animals are really one of the best variants to decorate a boring wall of a children’s room. Also, often such details are created with the help of natural paints and it is really safe for children’s health condition.

Rainbow Unicorn Tapestries
Nemo Tapestry
Little Pony Tapesty
Green Cactus and Llama Tapestry
Beautiful Nursery Tapestries
Baby Man Dalorian Wall Handing Tapestries


Travel around the world with the world map tapestry

When you are a lover of travelling and adventures, you have an excellent opportunity to get a world map tapestry.

World Map Watercolor Tapestry

Actually, you are able to find such a covering in various types, styles and shapes. The usual classical map, for example, is perfect for children who learn at school and you want them to know geography well.

Watercolor World Map Tapestry

With such a picture hanging on the wall or lying on the bed he or she may always look at it and find continents, countries and some other areas when they need to know the location. It is better such a tapestry was manufactured with the names of geographical spots and countries.

World Map Tapestry Urban Outfitters
Black and White World Map Tapestry

Most fabric or woven pieces like this are hung on the walls but still they are universal and they may be applied as bed coverings, draping fabrics during the picnic and so on.

But, anyway, a wall tapestry world map is the most widespread and popular variant as researches claim.

Large World Map Tapestry

When your kid is in love with geography you may order the whole kit of blankets, pillows and sheets for him or her and the child will be very glad to have all the favourite information all day and night in the room.

Tapestry Map of the World
Urban Outfitters Tapestry World Map

The most neutral variant that is suitable almost for any style and colouring of a place is a black and white world map tapestry and it may be easily obtained from any shop.

If you have a great desire to make such an interior detail by yourself, you may do it. Some skills like ability to embroider well and some imagination will help you create a unique design.

A curious sample of such a fabric art is an antique world map tapestry, which is created with two hemispheres painted, printed or embroidered like in old times.


Exotic charm with a palm tree tapestry

For people who admire tropical landscapes and exotic pictures and patterns, a palm tree tapestry is a great chance to add some detail to your room to feel like you are on the exotic island. Even one picture of palm trees may be very versatile in styles.

Palm Tree Tapestry

The most frequently used covering of such type is a palm tree wall tapestry where you can enjoy the beautiful exotic landscape sitting at the table or lying on the bed. Some pictures on the walls show a palm alley as if you are going to continue your travelling there.

Palm Trees Tapestries

If we speak about materials of which such covering are created the palm tree tapestry fabric may be silk, cotton, linen or wool. Silk or cotton drawings are more expensive and exclusive but they are totally worth it as you will enjoy the wonderful esthetic view for a long time after you pay more money for the wall decoration.

Ambesonne Palm Tree Tapestry

So nature lovers and lovers of exotic islands don’t have to visit them to see the whole beauty of tropical areas and all they have to do is to obtain a tapestry palm tree comforter set or the usual wall pattern.

The simplest picture of a tropical forest and its habitants is able to make any small or ordinary room a bright place where it is hot and sunny. Viewing these landscapes will allow you to feel warmer and more cheerful even on the coldest day.


The original tapestry shower curtain for you

When you feel you are tired from ordinary and boring shower curtains, you may get a tapestry shower curtain.

Shower Curtain Tapestry

This type of a protection piece for shower may be quite versatile and the patterns and pictures are also very different. The curtains may include drawings of tropical forests, birds or any other animals, sometimes flowers and mandalas and these patterns are always popular with everyone.

Bayeux Tapestry Shower Curtain

For kids you can obtain cuter patterns and pictures for a bathroom and they may be drawings with bright and funny animals. Also the elephant tapestry shower curtain is one of the most obtained pictures in almost any country. Very often you may see water and ocean motives for a bathroom like dolphins, various kinds of fish or even evil sharks with sharp teeth. Kids also love pictures with water characters from famous cartoons like a fish named Nemo, for example.

Nemo and Squirt Linda Brody

The Indian motives are very widespread in almost any online shop on the internet and mandalas are extremely popular and they are getting more and more widespread not only in oriental countries but also in European ones.

The Indian tapestry shower curtain in a shape of mandalas bring harmony and peace into the bathroom and not only to this kind of rooms. Mandalas possess a unique ability to activate energy, calm it down or harmonize.

Indian Tapestry Shower Curtain

You can have a usual one colour piece for your bath to avoid something bright and unique. Anyway, a shower curtain tapestry is much more interesting to have in your bath than the usual boring piece. Very often such details for a bathroom may copy famous paintings of ancient or new Italian or French artists and they will not let you feel indifferent.


Cozy sleeping with tapestry bedding sets

Atmosphere and design of a bedroom is very important for good sleeping and tapestry bedding sets are significant details of your calm and pleasant dreams. The bed sets may consist of several pieces at minimum. They might have one sham or two shams, pillows, a blanket, a sheet and some more things for your tender sleep.

Tapestry Bed Set

But if you want to have bright and cheerful or unusual bed kits, you need to obtain a tapestry bed set for your room. The tapestries often contain pictures from the ancient paintings of world famous artists to palm trees with forests and mandalas that hypnotize you with their beauty.

Pay attention that your kit should be of high quality and it is desirable all the things would be from natural materials, though, synthetic materials like polyester are very widespread for use everywhere.

Moroccan Tapestry Comforter Set Bed in a Bag

When you feel like you wish to have some exotic motives for your pillows, shams and comforters, you may obtain Indian sets or ancient Egypt drawings with pharaohs. To enjoy mysterious and attractive mandalas that create a special mood and make you relax with their rounds and patterns.

Queen Moroccan Tapestry Comforter Set Bed in a BagThe Moroccan tapestry comforter set bed in a bag is an ideal way to feel warm and cozy every time you are falling asleep and wake up in the morning.

Moroccan Tapestry Comforter Set Bed in a Bag King

If you live in cold countries and you need warm sets for nice dreams and good health, you have to possess kits with comforters and some other warm details that will not let you feel cold and sick.


Wall tapestry ideas perfect for decorating your dorm room

Dormitories are temporary homes for millions of students every year and dorm room tapestries are able to help to turn impersonal and often not attractive chamber space into something magic.

Wall Tapestries Dorm Room

The ideas about using these types of covering are very numerous. There are some of them.

Dorm Rooms with Tapestries

Very often if you wish to feel like you live in a fairy tale or some exotic island. You can use the walls to hang the most suitable hippie dorm room tapestries if you love Indian culture and styles. You can put some palms with tropical forests on your wall near the bed.Dorm Rooms with Tapestry

Any picture is possible for you to possess in your dorm room. The walls are the best places for such kind of interior details as they are the biggest and the broadest open spaces in most of the rooms.Hang Tapestry in Dorm Room

But when your walls are not possible to decorate and transfer, you can start using bed sets and bed spreads with cool tapestries for dorm rooms.Tapestry for Dorm Rooms

Speaking about popular oriental motives, you may have a bedspread with a magnetic mandala, pillows or cushions with funny elephants and if possible, you may put a picture of a smiling sun on the wall on the head of the sleeping place.

Tapestry in Dorm Room

When you have such a desire to decorate your space and change something for better. But you are not sure that you know how to cope with such task. Also how to hang tapestries in dorm room, you have all chances to look through internet for this info or ask your friends. When all these means have not worked, you may use the services of a professional for a small pricing.

Wall Tapestry for Dorms
So try to make your student life the brightest and the most cheerful. Your decorated room will attract more guests and more fun into your living space.


The magnificent tapestry crochet patterns

Many people have no idea what tapestry crochet patterns are and where they may be applied. But let’s find out about that. All the things made according to this technique may seem very hard to do but they are not so complex as it may seem.

Tapestry Crochet Hacky Sack Pattern

These patterns and pictures may be used for creating mittens, hats, bags, blankets, shams, cushion covers or bigger things for everyday use.

Tapestry Crochet Hats Patterns
Free Tapestry Crochet Bag Pattern
Free Tapestry Crochet Hat Patterns
Free Patterns Tapestry Crochet

The technique is connected with knitting certain stitches that are located in a round and it may seem like a description of something difficult but if you ever try this activity, you will see that it is not like that at all.

Free Tapestry Crochet Patterns

Becoming a skillful crocher maker is possible even if you learn only by online lessons. Then, tapestry crochet patterns free will be available for you if you have got interesting ideas for your personal things to create.

Free Patterns for Tapestry Crochet
Tapestry Crochet Pattern Maker

If you are eager to make a beautiful and unusual bag, you may find an interesting crochet tapestry bag pattern and start doing it.

Free Crochet Tapestry Patterns

If you are new in this art, start from the simplest model and design. After finishing it successfully you are going to feel more confident and then you can transfer to the higher level and make a gorgeous bag with unique patterns. Tapestry Crochet Mandala Pattern

The biggest advantage of making something with your own hands is that it is very unlikely that you will see a woman carrying a bag of exactly the same model.

Tapestry Crochet Heart Pattern

But if you just want to use services of a professional and talented tapestry crochet pattern maker, you are able to do that either with the help of friends or family members, or you have chances to find a good one online on the specialized sites.

Crochet Tapestry Bag Pattern
Flat Tapestry Crochet Patterns

That is a guarantee that you will possess a wonderful thing that is exquisite.


Hang a beautiful tapestry on ceiling

Some tapestry on ceilling or wall was often hung since the times of the Middle Ages, especially in big houses or castles. The main aim of having such a covering on the walls or ceilings was protection from coldness and winds.

And the second aim of these drawings and patterns was artistic enjoyment as these tapestries contained various pictures and plots characteristic of those epochs.

How to Hang Tapestries From the Ceiling

Nowadays people possess these covering mostly for beauty and refinement and these pictures always create some special atmosphere by adding brightness or tenderness to the whole décor. To hang tapestry on ceiling you need to put some beams or other special details as these decorations are often heavy and you should be careful with them.

Hang Tapestry from Ceiling

If it is a small kind of fabric drawing with the light weight you may relax and use some small attachment. But if the ceiling thing is not little at all, you have to prepare and put joists made of wood or metal and think through all the possible dangers of falling down.

Hang Tapestry on Ceiling

Actually, it is not too difficult to do but you should try to put a fabric as close to the wall as possible when hanging a tapestry on the ceiling. It will be safer to have it like this.

Hang a Tapestry on the Ceiling

Keep to all safety instructions when doing this and make sure that the hanging piece will not be too often touched by everyday people’s moving back and forth.

How to Hang Tapestry on Dorm Ceiling

If the piece if small enough, get a hook and you may hang it easily but safely and enjoy all the beauty and elegance of your design. That is only a very little piece of information about how to hang tapestry on ceiling but the more detailed instructions and suggestions are easily found on any specialized site online. So decorate your room and make it cozier.


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