Original Outdoor Fire Pit Chimneys

Original Outdoor Fire Pit Chimneys


Benefits of the Fire Pit Chimney

Fire pit chimney made of metal is considered to be the most popular one. The hood itself is a domed structure with a diameter of 1.5 meters. The most common material for its production is sheet steel with the thickness of 2 mm. Hoods made of sheet copper look very impressive.

There is a hole in the center of the dome, the edges of which are connected to the vertical tube of 2-3 m in height. Do not use asbestos-cement pipes. Asbestos is fireproof and it is a good thermal insulator, but it is dangerous for the health.

Outdoor Fire Pit Chimney
Clay Chimney Fire Pit
Terra Cotta Fire Pit Chimney

Such a fire pit with chimney is the most appropriate option for the summerhouses with barbeque, which are becoming more and more popular.

The hood is mounted on racks over the fire. Or it is hung from the ceiling with the help of chains and the pipe passes through the center of the roof of the summerhouse. The material of the roof, which adjoins the pipe, must be fireproof.

Fire Pit with Chimney
Terra Cotta Fire Pit Chimney


How to Make Metal Fire Pit Chimney

If you need to make the metal outdoor fire pit chimney, better to have some good skills in working with sheet metal and have good knowledge in riveted work. The shape of the metal hood should not be necessarily domed. Because such construction requires a sufficiently high qualification. Maybe, if you make it with your own hands it will be easier to make cone-shaped chimney or the one having oblong or square shape in section.

Outdoor Chimney Fire Pit
Outdoor Chimney Fire Pit

Metal smoke box is very functional, but requires constant care. Thanks to its smooth surface it is easy in cleaning and it effectively removes smoke, because it has good aerodynamics.

Outdoor Fire Pit Chimney Hood
Patio Chimney Fire Pit

However, people who support brick fire pit chimney hoods claim that rust and soot from stainless metal smoke boxes fall on the prepared food.

Moreover, they are more durable, but they suit for barbeques and charcoal grills. If you looking for more informations, check another my post DIY Fire Pit Ideas.


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