How to Grow an Avocado From Seed

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We all looking for any way to plant lemons, ginger, mango or avocado, don’t you? Its too easy to grab a nice green avocado from a store or market! I am happy to tell you how to grow an avocado from seed to get a healthy and prolific plant. Its care requires special attention, but you will love the result of your work. Choose the optimal place and suitable container because it is better to grow it at home.


Easy Ways to Grow an Avocado From Seed

Initially, you need to understand that growing an avocado at home will differ from its growth in a familiar environment. The expert advises to plant three bones to get three trees and then their branches are intertwined into one trunk.

To Grow Avocado From Seed

There are certain rules for growing seed avocados. It is important to germinate the seed correctly so that the root is healthy. There are 3 ways to get the first shoots:

  1. Take an unpeeled seed and put it in the pot. Important to make the watering once a week;
  2. Peel and put it in a glass or in a cap. The water should cover one third of the seed. The peeled type will germinate faster and you will observe the growth of the stem and root;
  3. Use toothpicks or simple matches to make three holes inside the seed. Dip this in a container of water, but the punctured spots should remain above the water.


Planting Preparation for Avocado Seed

If you are studying information about how to plant an avocado at home, then I have collected some useful information. Here you need to pay attention to preparing for growing when your seed has already begun to germinate.

How To Plant Avocado

Wait until it is 3 cm long and then start preparing the pot of soil. The ground must be loose so that the roots of this plant can “breathe”. Place the root in the soil but the top of the seed should stick out ⅓. For watering, I advise you to take purified water because avocados are very finicky even in the process of tree formation. Place the plant on the sunny side and for healthy growth I offer to add mineral fertilizers.


How to Plant a Sprouted Avocado?

To grow an avocado you need to keep an eye on watering because the seed is still young. The soil must be moist but not waterlogged.

How To Grow Avocado Tree

Otherwise the roots of the avocado will rot. In its natural habitat, this tree prefers high humidity, so do not place it near radiators and heating systems.

How To Plant A Prouted Avocado

The best growing temperature is 26-28 degrees, and in winter it is better to choose 20 degrees. For the pot, it is better to choose the east or north window, but you can put it on the west side. During the period of active sun, avocados must be shaded so that the leaves do not get burned.


Best Soil for Avocado Tree

The right soil will give your avocado more strength and health to develop properly. To do this, provide the perfect soil for your exotic plant. I have already said that the soil should be friable, but now I will also say that it is important to make drainage. To plant an avocado, make a drainage hole if it is not in the pot.

How To Grow Avocado Indoors

Then lay the drainage 2 cm and then add soil. I always read about the plant feeding I plan to grow. Definitely, avocados are no exception.

Care For Avocado Tree

It is important that the soil in the pot with this tree is saturated with humus. To do this, replace the topsoil by adding compost. But this is allowed only for adult plants, not small sprouts. Feeding is needed if the plant is in the same pot for about 2-3 years. By the way, you can try another fruits to grow from seed.

As for me, I love an avocado so much, in different recipes, especially salads! Take care and enjoy life with fresh avocado!!!


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