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Specialties of outdoor chandelier lighting

When we speak about different semi-open platforms (outdoor veranda, terrace, balcony) it is necessary to mention outdoor chandelier lighting.

Outdoor Porch Chandelier Lighting
Bronze Portable Outdoor Chandelier
Outdoor Candle Chandelier Lighting

As far as ordinary lamps can’t be used in the external environment, there is a great variety of fixtures designed for street: ceiling, wall, ground, floor and even submerged.

Outdoor Chandelier Lighting Ideas
Outdoor Gazebo Chandelier Lighting
Garden Oasis Light Outdoor Chandelier
Tea Light Chandelier Outdoor
There are some requirements for outdoor porch chandelier lighting:

  1. Functionality. The lamp should work in two models (bright and dim), depending on the purposes for which it is used. Its practical value increases in many times if it has a built-in ventilator.
  2. High mechanical strength. This requirement is especially important for the lamps, which are placed in the street cafes and other public places.
  3. Corrosion resistance. Even if the outdoor ceiling light is not directly affected with rain and snow, frequent changes of humidity and temperature can cause corrosion of the material and it leads to the loss of its functional and decorative properties. Therefore, the most common materials for street lighting are aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic plastic or high strength natural glass.
  4. High level of moisture and dust protection. The degree of water and dust protection is marked with a special IPxx index, where the first figure refers to the degree of protection against dust and the second – against moisture. The higher they are the better.
  5. Resistance to temperature changes. Street light should operate normally within the range of -40 to +40 degrees.

Outdoor Chandelier Candle Lighting
Plug in Outdoor Chandelier Lighting
Outdoor Tea Light Chandelier


Types of outdoor chandelier lighting fixtures

Outdoor chandelier lighting fixtures are divided into the same types as the ordinary ones.

    • Chandeliers are ideal for illuminating the gazebo with or without a ceiling. They are mounted to the ceiling with the help of a chain or a metal rod.
    • Surface-mounted luminaire are cross functional. They can be attached to the ceiling and the wall using the supplied mounting slab or simply screwing the body to the surface with framing nails. They can be attached to the structure made of wood, concrete, and drywall. In addition, they have higher level of corrosion and mechanical resistance than hanging lamps.
  • You can also hang wall lamps on both sides of the door.
  • Standard lamp is a good opportunity too, because you can freely move it from one place to another.

Outdoor Plug in Lighting Chandelier
Outdoor Chandelier Lighting Fixtures
Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Chandelier

Anyway, don’t forget about outdoor chandelier lighting ideas, which can be used for creating special atmosphere and mood.

Remove the darkness with outdoor party lighting

No holiday can manage without outdoor party lighting, since it is a question of security, comfort and beauty. The outdoor illumination is various. The luminous sources come in different shapes and design, and there is a possibility to choose torches specially for a themed evening.

DIY Outdoor Party Lights
Solar Party Lights Outdoor
Outdoor Led Party Lights
String Party Lights Outdoor
Outdoor Party String Lighting
Outdoor Patio Party Lights
Temporary Outdoor Lighting for a Party

A crowded mitting asks many lamps and bright lighting. When a holiday takes place in an intimate circle of friends it requests subdued and modest light.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Party
Outdoor String Party Lights
Outdoor Lighting Ideas for parties

Outdoor party lighting ideas are numerous, and the choice depends on your party character, your desire and your budget. If you have a large garden, it would be nice to place lamp posts.

RV Party Lights Outdoor
Strings of Outdoor Party Lights
Outdoor Lighting for Party

They will serve you well during and after the event. The ambient light is suitable too. Both of them are bright and nice but expensive. In case, if you have walls or a shed near your seating, hang wall lamps.

Lighting for Outdoor Party
Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas
Outdoor Hanging Party Lights

They are effective, inexpensive and represented in different shapes, colors and materials. Outdoor led party lights is one of the best ideas as they worth their money thanks to their brightness, durability, and power efficiency. A cute option to put LEDs in dozens multicolor helium balloons, and create an incredible dance of light and colors.

Indoor Outdoor Party Lights
Hanging Outdoor Lights for a Party

To make a sober intimate atmosphere use spotlights. Electrical or solar powered, they are not bright but, nevertheless, are gorgeous and suit well to a warm romantic supper with your lover. To support the intimacy, set on fire many candles.

Hanging Outdoor Party Lights
Led Outdoor Party Lights
Battery Operated Outdoor Party Lights
Outdoor Black Light Party

At last, the most common are outdoor string party lights. This type of luminaires is flexible, bright, and permits to decorate any object in your yard. Twine it around trees and posts, decorate with glowing strings your shed, or let them hang down as a bright curtain. Anyway, hundreds of tiny lights will make your area fine and magic.


Outdoor wedding lighting and some interesting ideas

Outdoor wedding lighting can be an elegant decorative element. With the help of illumination you can transform an ordinary space into something fabulous and incredibly beautiful.

Wedding Outdoor Lighting Ideas
Lighting for Outdoor Wedding
String Lights Outdoor Wedding
Outdoor House Lights for Weddings
Outdoor Wedding with Lights

If the celebration is organized in the daytime, the illumination can be given a minimum of attention. And if it be a cloudy day or your banquet takes place in the evening, then you just need to pay attention to proper lighting.

Outdoor Wedding Light Ideas
Wedding Lighting Ideas Outdoors
Outdoor Wedding Reception Lighting

If you decided to do outdoor wedding with lights then you could use a lot of original things that will cost quite inexpensive. You have a possibility to play with a disposition of candles and candleholders. For instance, limelight the route to the banquet hall, mark frontiers of the dance floor.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Wedding
Lighting for Outdoor Wedding Receptions
Outdoor Lighting Wedding Ideas


Outdoor wedding light ideas

All that you need:

  •  Candles. This is a simple, but such a romantic way to simultaneously illuminate and decorate the banquet hall. A scented candle will fill your wedding with an amazing flavor. Candles can be put together in a beautiful composition or placed in glass jars, lamps. Candles are perfectly combined with floral and aqueous compositions (The premises can be arranged large wine glasses with candles floating on the water);
  • Tablecloths and curtains are decorated with garlands of lights will create at the ceremony soft romantic lighting. With them it is possible to focus on the arch or honeymooners table;
  • A fun way to unusual lighting at the celebration – paper lanterns. It can be a traditional white lanterns and colored, which will be suitable to the style of your feast;
  • An interesting solution is the table lighting from the “inside.” It is done this way: ordinary white lights are placed under tables, creating the illusion of illumination. It is also possible to use a colored lamp in combination with white cloths. It will look just awesome;
  •  All kinds of lamps of unusual shapes and graceful chandeliers will surprise your guests.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Decoration Ideas
Outdoor lighting for wedding receptions such as beautiful lanterns, lamps and garlands could beautifully decorate not only tables and chairs but also trees. With these decorative elements you will create a magical atmosphere at the banquet. A wedding photo shoot and video, made in the interior by professional photographers, will be amazing.



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