How to Store Parsley

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My friends, I love parsley sooo much and add it to almost any dish! What about you?  I have a habit of growing my own greens. Parsley is my favorite so I have found many ways to keep it longer. I want to talk not only about keeping fresh leaves but also about the dried type and even parsley in oil. Let’s talk about how to store parsley fresh and get the vitamin complex out of your refrigerator on a regular basis.  And dried parsley has a longer shelf life.

To Keep Parsley Green Longer

If you plan to store fresh herbs, then you need to prepare a place in the refrigerator. It is better to choose medium shelves because the temperature will be optimal there. I do not advise keeping this in the refrigerator door because the temperature is higher there and even milk sour there faster than on the shelves.


Best Ways to Store Parsley

There are four ways to preserve parsley. Especially, if you are making a reserve for the winter. You can choose to freeze, dry, pickle, and keep fresh leaves (not the longest option).

But I prefer drying and storing fresh parsley to add to salads:

  • To dry, you need to wash the herbs and remove the stems. Then dry the leaves and place them on a tea towel or dry napkin. Turn the leaves over to dry evenly. For drying, it is better to choose fresh air without direct sunlight. You can also leave the leaves intact or chop them up. When completely dry, place the parsley in a jar with a lid or in a linen bag.
  • To keep herbs fresh longer, I do not recommend washing it. If you bought it in the store or take from the garden, then leave it without washing. Leaves can be cut from the stems and placed in a glass jar with a tight lid. It is more convenient for me to use a screw cap. Make sure the leaves are dry. If there is moisture in it, your parsley will quickly rot even at the cool temperature of the refrigerator.


How to Keep Parsley Fresh Longer?

You can store unwashed parsley in a jar with a lid, but I also used a different method. This allowed me to take the leaves when needed.

To Save Parsley In Frige

You can trim off the stems but leave a small tip from the leaf. It is important to put the parsley in a jar with water. Another method is to store freshly washed parsley in a paper roll.

Fresh Herbs Store

Also is better to to spray the parsley roll, but the paper should not tear from moisture.

I did not use the following method because I found it not very efficient. Place fresh parsley in a plastic bag and draw in more air. I did not see the result the leaves in a jar of water last better and longer.


Benefits of Parsley

This plant gives dishes a special aroma but also gives your body many useful elements: vitamins B1, B3, ascorbic acid, iron, essential oil and others. This plant is useful for people with cardiovascular diseases. Also, parsley is considered anticancer, so it is useful to eat it raw in salads. This herb is also used as a decoction to get rid of freckles.

Store Fresh Parsley

Green leaves will also help rid the body of toxins and heavy metal salts. There are recipes with the addition of parsley that help to lose weight, restore the body after alcoholism, improve eyesight, and so on. To keep fresh parsley, try my methods. Add this plant to your meals to maintain health and beauty.


Parsley Potatoes

Enjoy tasty potato with parsley and butter with your favorite salad and stay healthy!


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