How to Plant Mango Seed Right

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If you love fruits, then mango can be your favorite one. This tree grows in a tropical area but you can plant a mango at home. This is not difficult because room temperature and simple maintenance will be sufficient for the seed to sprout and produce a stem with healthy leaves.

The difficulty lies in growing a full-fledged tree that can give fruit. If you have grown trees from seeds, citrus and mango are the best choices. Follow these simple rules and you can enjoy the flowering of this magnificent plant. It is especially gratifying that you are watching the complete cultivation process. You will really enjoy to plant mango seed indoors or outdoors.


Best Ways to Grow Mango from Seed

Success begins in fruit selection, which can be found in a store or market. It is important that the fruit is ripe and soft. You can eat the pulp and the bone must be peeled from the brown peel. The seed can be placed in a napkin and regularly moistened with water. Check your bone for rotting.

Best Way To Plant Mango From Seed

Alternatively, you can place half of the seed in a glass of water and wait for the root to emerge. The rooting process can be quick (about a week) or longer (about 3 weeks). The bone halves will begin to split and you will notice a small root. Finally, it’s time to plant your mango in the soil.

Plant the Sprouted Mango Seed

The soil should be special, the pot is mixing, and it is better to put drainage on the bottom.


Plant the Sprouted Mango Seed

Here you need to pay special attention to the soil and the choice of the pot.

Growing Mango Seed

The root system of a mango grows vertically downwards, so choose an elongated model.

Grow Mango Seeds

The soil can be purchased at the store; a great choice is the soil for citrus plants. So lets make this steps:

  • Start with a drain that goes to the bottom of the pot. It is better to make a layer in reserve (about 3-4 cm);
  • Now put two-thirds of the ground and make a small hole in the middle;
  • Dip the seed there with the root down;
  • The root should be in the ground and half of the seed should remain above it;
  • Tamp the soil a little and water it. It is best to use a spray bottle;
  • You can make a greenhouse effect so that planting mango seed goes more comfortably and more actively. To do this, you can put a glass jar over it.


How to Care For Mango Tree in Pot

Your seed has already given a root and you have found a suitable pot to transplant it into the soil. There are several important points to create a favorable atmosphere for your tree. A potted plant will feel comfortable if the first leaves appear 2 weeks after planting in the ground.

How To Grow Mango

Remember to water your seed because mangoes love tropical humid climates. Better to do it 3 times a day. When the first leaves appear, you can remove the jar. It is best to keep the pot in a warm place. You can put it on the window if there is no draft and does not blow from the cracks. Also, mango does not like temperature changes, so it is better to put it in a room than, for example, in a kitchen. The best temperature to plant a healthy mango seed is around 25 degrees.


Can an Indoor Mango Tree Produce Fruit?

Yes, it can! Many gardeners dream to have fruit so they grow mangoes from seeds. But the seed should give life to the stem and leaves, which then become a rather large tree. You need to prepare more free space for it and spray it regularly. It is also important to remember to feed the soil, remove pests, and prune dry leaves.

How to Grow Mango at Home


Before the fruit appears, the tree must bloom, this happens about 6 years after the seed is planted. Not always a mango from a seed can bear fruit even after 10 years. In this case, you need to plant some mango seeds and get some trees. Be patient and watch your green pet to be healthy, then maybe he will delight you with delicious and ripe fruits.


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