How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

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Have you ever thought about painting that clumsy and dark brick fireplace in your sitting room? I had been considering it for a long time before I dared to try. I used to think that it was a rather time-consuming and challenging occupation. In fact, it is not. Here, after I did everything successfully, I am going to tell you how to paint a brick fireplace.


Clean Your Brick Before Painting

You may wonder whether to clean the surface of your fireplace before painting it. It depends on how dirty it is.

If your fireplace has been in use for years, you need to clean the surface thoroughly. But, if its still new, there is no need for much work. Dust it with a soft brush, sponge, or cloth and that will be enough.

Modern Brick Fireplace Painted

I recommend using a spray bottle. Fill it with a mixture of dish soap and water. You can also use any other cleaner you have at home.

Make sure that you have cleaned all the crannies when you proceed.

Painted Brick Fireplace

There is normally no need for washing your fireplace thoroughly before painting.

However, in some events, when you see that a simple cleaner does not work, you may wash the fireplace’s surface and let it dry out for several hours. Or it is even better to leave it drying for a day or two. Wet surfaces are not the best option for painting.


Supplies That You Need for Painting a Fireplace

Now, let’s check whether you have all the materials and tools at home to painted fireplace ideas. We have already mentioned that you will need a cleaner. The other supplies include:

  • painter’s tape;
  • masonry primer;
  • latex paint (not chalk one because it can scratch easily);
  • stiff and soft paint brushes or rollers;
  • protective gloves and goggles;
  • some covering cloth to protect the floor.

You may also need sponges and a vacuum cleaner.


Easy Steps to Paint a Brick Fireplace

Now, let’s continue with a thorough look at the process of painting. You will see how to paint a brick fireplace without much effort.

Steps to Paint Brick Fireplace


Do You Need a Primer for Fireplace?

If your fireplace has been already painted before, you may not need a primer. Although, if the item does not have any paint on its surface or the paint was applied long ago, you are sure to need a primer. If you skip that initial step, your fireplace may fade or get spots over time.

You know, brick is a porous material so it can absorb the paint quickly if you do not apply the primer first. The look will not be quite pleasing, indeed.

Painting Fireplace Steps

To do everything properly, you will need a special masonry primer.

It works well on non-waterproof surfaces and it will provide better paint adhesion. Apply one (or sometimes, two) layers of this primer and leave it to dry for several hours.


Apply the Appropriate Paint

The type and content of paint matters very much if you want to learn how to paint your fireplace properly.

You need a water-based and zero VOC type. The choice may depend on how much you use your fireplace. You may think about some durable and high-sheen materials and the first thought may be about gloss.

Brick Fireplace How to Paint

Nevertheless, you should be very careful. High-gloss paints reflect light and make all the imperfections on the surface obvious.

Sometimes, the overall look is simply ugly. So, it is better to choose a semi-gloss or eggshell paint and you will obtain perfect results.

To Paint a Brick Fireplace

The paint color is your personal preference. So, you can use white, grey, beige, dark blue, brown, black, or even navy colors.

Look carefully whether the paint will match the overall design of your room.

Paint a Brick Fireplace

Now, you can apply the paint. Use the same steps you followed while applying the primer. You may need to apply two layers of the paint to provide a better look.


Let’s Sum Up

Thus, now you know how to paint your fireplace made of brick, don’t you? These are the three simple steps:

  • Step 1 Cleaning
  • Step 2. Applying a primer
  • Step 3. Painting

Don’t forget to leave the surface to dry after each application.

Dark Painted Fireplace

That will ensure more durable covering that will last longer.

Painted Fireplace Ideas

Here you are. The job is done and it was not as difficult as you had expected. Enjoy your perfect fireplace and have a good time.


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