Amazing Duct Tape Crafts

12+ Awesome Duct Tape Crafts

Duct tape is not only a means of sticking two things together, but it is also a wonderful means of creating something extraordinary and curious for those who adore duct tape projects.

Actually, children, teenagers and adults love to make up exciting craft things from duct tape as this material possesses many colours and it can be stuck to different kinds of clothes (T-shirts, for example), accessories, paper etc.

12 Amazing Duct Tape Projects

There is no limit to the fantasy of people who create amazing things from this kind of tapes.

All you need to do is to get several colours of the duct tape and then turn on your imagination and creativity and the unique masterpieces will follow.


Creative Duct Tape Crafts & Projects

Striped Phone Case

DIY Striped Iphone Case

Some adorable DIY Striped iPhone Case via I SpyDIY.


River Raft

DIY Duct Tape River Raft

DIY Duct Tape River Raft via Handmade Charlotte. You can get your kids involved and make it a fun family project!


Duck Tape Bag

Duck Tape Bag Tutorial Girls Camp Craft

Duck tape bag tutorial girls camp craft via Little Birdie Secrets. This project a bit time consuming, but not hard at all.


Unique Hat

DIY Duct Tape Crazy Hat Tutorial

DIY Duct Tape Crazy Hat Tutorial via 101 Ducttape Crafts if you are ready for something new.


Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers DIY Duct Tape Crafts

Storage drawers DIY duct tape crafts via With a Blast. Each year I like to DIY something special for my home!


Duct Tape Rose

Duct Tape Rose Tutorial

Duct tape rose tutorial via Woo jr.


Water Bottle Holder

Duct Tape Water Bottle Holder

Duct tape water bottle holder via There’s Just One Mommy.


Back to School Duct Tape Crafts

Personalized Backpack

DIY Duct Tape Personalized Backpacks

DIY Duct Tape Personalized Backpacks via All for the Boys tutorial is easy to follow


Paper Clipboard

Best Duct Tape Crafts to Make

Best Duct Tape Crafts to Make via Creations by Kara. This special project can be done in under 15 minutes and will make your family smile.


Homework Caddy

Back to School Homework Caddy

Back to school homework caddy via Aunt Peaches.


Bookmark Crafts

Duct Tape Bookmarks Craft

Duct Tape Bookmarks Craft via Sensibly Sara.


Pencil Pouches

Duct Tape Pencil Pouches Easy Back to School Craft

Duct tape pencil pouches easy back to school craft via Hip 2 Save.


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