DIY Cake Stand Ideas

8 Elegant DIY Cake Stand Ideas

For those people who prefer creating something with their own hands and inventing some curious things, there are some suggestions for making diy cake stands. In almost every home there is always some last glass or plate left from the whole dinnerware.

So, instead of throwing it into the rubbish bin, you can invent bright and glamorous cake stands for your parties and warm evening. For doing like this, all you need is some glue, paint that you would like to see on them, a little imagination, craft and some luck.

The old trays may also be covered with glitter and adding used candlesticks to them will turn these things into a glamorous cake stand, which everybody will admire.


Ways to Make Your Own Tiered Cake Stand

DIY Mirrored Cake Stand

DIY Mirrored Cake Stands Tutorial

Tiered, shiny and sparkly cake stand which you might also like via Tikkido.


Shanty Cupcake Tower

DIY Shanty Cupcake Tower

Want to make your own surprisingly strong cupcake tower by DIY via Shanty 2 Chic. It’s easy to make, and so beautiful!


DIY Cupcake Stand

DIY Cupcake Stand

This so easy to put together via Little Red Window, out of things you might already have at home.


Colorful DIY Cake Stands

Colorful DIY Cake Stands

Ready to put some sweet treats out on display on a colorful stand by Shelterness. Personalize it with colors that look really pretty for you!


Industrial Spin on Tiered Tray

Industrial Spin on Tiered Tray Tutorial

Spin on tiered tray via Backless Shirt. It looks a little rusty but that exactly beauty of vintage.


Best DIY Cake Stand Ever

Best DIY Cake Stand Ever

Cake stand by I Heart Naptime that screams celebration. It’s one of the best way to decorate wedding dessert table, – chic and functional stand in same time.


Mini Cake Stands

Make This Mini Cake Stands Cupcake Stands

Mini cake stand idea by Tammy Mitchell Photography will help you easily display and serve desserts. Fun and simple craft project that allows you to have a cute place to put your sweets.


Sprinkle Cake Stand

Sprinkle Cake Stand

I think it is incredibly cute idea by 1 Fine Cookie. Prepare yourself for a sugar rush. This cake stand perfect for any party.


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