Gorgeous Baby Nursery Ideas

Gorgeous Baby Nursery Ideas


Getting your Baby Nursery Ready

Preparing a room for your future baby girl or remodeling it for your little princess, you’ll always start with thinking over various girl nursery themes and choosing the one you like the most and feel that it may suit the personality of your baby, even if it’s not born yet.

Of course, it also depends on your personal preferences. But’ let’s be honest. Girls are always little princesses from the day they were born, so it’s absolutely necessary to create a proper room for Her Royal Highness.


Baby Girl Nursery Themes


Pink Nursery

Girl Nursery Themes Ideas

Obviously, the first thing that needs to be done is painting the walls. Most of the themes feature pink walls of this or that shade.

It’s a classical color for girls, but nevertheless, not the only existing one. You may pick purple, yellow, beige, white, orange and even green paint or even use multiple colors on the walls.


Floral Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery Themes

There’s a load of different wall stickers you may put on a monochromatic wall to create an accent on it and introduce another thematic décor piece.

But, as you may have already noticed, it’s not recommended to use too bright colors on all walls, but maybe on one of them.

Otherwise, opt for lighter shades of the chosen color to avoid the walls becoming an irritating factor for a brand new baby, but to create a calming and fresh atmosphere in the room.


Heart Nursery

Girl Nursery Themes Pink and Brown

You may check out girl themes list, where you can find diverse options for your daughter’s room and recreate one of them at home.

Apparently, the most popular theme are the princess ones.

Turning a room into Elsa’s, Anna’s or Cinderella’s castle is probably the most universal and successful way of remodeling the girl’s room, as it will last longer than some ballerina or forest fairy theme (let’s face it, even grown up girls still love princesses) and make your daughter feel gorgeous.

Cute bedding and sophisticated décor elements, a carriage-shaped bed will complement the whole look.


Purple Nursery

Girl Nursery Themes Purple


Baby Boy Nursery Themes


Unique Nursery

Unique Baby Boy Nursery Themes

If you’re expecting a baby boy or just want to remodel your little son’s room, looking for some boy nursery themes and decorating it in one specific style is always a good idea.


Stars Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery Themes 2019

Picking up not random things of different colors may not work as good as if you come up with or find a particular theme and create a little world in your son’s room.


Police Car Nursery

Boy Nursery Themes Ideas

It can be quite simple nautical style with anchors, steering wheel and striped navy blue, white and red bedding, little ships, sailboats and lifebuoys or recreation of a cartoon scene or book story or even some kind of tropical forest or a scientific laboratory with the model of the Solar system on one of the walls and a star chart on the ceiling.

Want to see even more car ideas and not only for your kid but for yourself, then here is awesome collection of car beds for adults.


Nautical Nursery

Little Boy Nursery Themes

But you should always take into the consideration that if you are preparing a room for a newborn, it’s better not to use too bright colors on the walls. You should stick to mild, light tones.


Animal Nursery

Boy Nursery Themes 2020

Most people prefer painting the boy’s nursery baby blue or sky blue, but you’re not limited to those colors only. Green, yellow, grey and royal blue paints will do the job equally good.


Popular Nursery

Popular Baby Boy Nursery Themes

Besides, it’s possible to combine different colors, creating some accents or little details. Don’t overload the room with decorations, but still include some so that your son has something to look at while he’s lying in the crib or during the diaper change.


Country Nursery

Country Boy Nursery Themes

Themes list may come in handy while planning a nursery, as you may look through various options and designs for different room sizes, tastes and budgets.

You may even find such lists of boy nursery themes that describe in detail what kind of furniture it’s better to purchase to fit in the general pattern, exactly what decorations will suit the theme and even where you may get them. Some of the lists even include price estimates.

So, whether you’re going to create a royal baby’s room or even recreate one of the country boy nursery themes, it will be easier for you to find necessary things and get everything ready for your baby boy.

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