Fun Black Cat Craft

Black Cat Crafts

Black cat craft is a simple and popular variant to decorate the room, to occupy children with something interesting and unusual and just spend a good time relaxing.

You can give an outlet for your imagination and creativity, show your talent and originality.

These home pets will dispel all the legends and prove that they bring only luck and success.

Today there are black cat craft ideas. First of all, it is necessary to mention the materials which can be used here: paper, plastic plates and bottles, pieces of cloth and even pumpkins.


Painted Black Cat Craft

Fork Painted Black Cat Craft for Kids

For kids via I  Heart Arts n Crafts.

For example, if one hangs such a craft on the wall in the living room or kitchen, you will certainly smile more often. So, it is very easy to make such a black cat. Another my post about beautiful crafts for kids Butterfly Crafts.


Halloween Black Cat

Halloween Black Cat Softie

Softie via The Crafting Nook.

To begin with one should prepare such materials as: a plastic plate, acrylic paint of a dark color, a brush, a sticky tape or a hot glue gun, PVA glue, two toy eyes of green color and one small pink pompon. And then follow the net algorithm of work.

Paint the backside of the plastic plate into a dark color and leave it to dry for some time. Cut it so it has the shape of a half moon. Use the rest of the plate to make a head, a tail and whiskers (you can use examples provided on the Internet).

Attach a tail to a head to the body of the handicraft with the help of a sticky tape or a hot glue gun. Pictures on the Internet will help you to do it correctly. Attach a pompon nose, a pair of green eyes and whiskers using glue.

Here it is! Halloween black cat craft may help to prepare the room for Halloween. Moreover, it doesn’t need much time and money. It can be done even by a child.


Fun Black Cat Halloween

Fun Black Cat Halloween Decorations

Decorations via All Free Paper Crafts.


Paper Bobble Head Black Cat

Paper Bobble Head Black Cat

To make such a faithful companion of evil spirits – the cat as black as the night itself, you need to take two pumpkins, one of which should be bigger than the second one. Paint them in dark color. Don’t forget to remove the seeds inside of them.

The cuts of both parts of the pumpkins should be maximally even, as they have to fit together as tightly as possible. Attach these two halves together with the help of small toothpicks, sharp on both sides. They are stuck circle-wise in the cut of the bottom half of a pumpkin, and then the other pumpkin is put on top.

The place of fastening is decorated using a piece of tape of a contrasting color. To decorate the black cat pumpkin craft colored paste-board work paper is used (make eyes, nose and ears). So, nice kitten is ready to decorate the room and scare your guests.


Halloween Paper Plate

Halloween Paper Plate Silhouette Crafts

Silhouette crafts via The Pinterested Parent.


Kitty Felt Stuffie

DIY Halloween Kitty Felt Stuffie

DIY Halloween via Lia Griffith.


Handprint Black Cat

Handprint Black Cat Craft

Craft via Easy Peasy and Fun.

Black Cat Crafts


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