Adorable Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Adorable Fire Pit Seating Ideas


Fire pit furniture creates a cozy atmosphere in your garth

Fire pit furniture can be portable or stationary. Typically, the stationary furniture made of stone or wooden massive, but for small yards without canopies such option is not the best.

Patio Furniture with Fire Pit Table

It is better to give preference to folding equipment, which you can hide it in a pantry or in an attic with the onset of cold weather. Outdoor fire pit furniture is able to provide exceptional comfort and pleasant spending time in solitude, with family or friends.

Patio Furniture

Garden chairs and sofas from rattan are extra strong and have become increasingly popular worldwide.

Fire Pit Patio Furniture Sets

Advantageously stands out among all models of outdoor equipment with its impeccable appearance and durability performance.

Fire Pit Furniture Sets

It is not to cave in and not change its original shape. It does not have any wooden components, and it also has an affirmative effect on the service life, as nothing to break or be subject to decay.

Patio Furniture Set with Fire Pit
Fire Pit Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture set with fire pit is connected primarily with outdoor recreation. However, do not grasp at the complex and ambitious projects – a cozy patio can be arranged simply and at the same time beautiful, comfy and harmonious.

Outdoor Furniture Fire Pit

Patio – it is yard which has no roof. Therefore, placing the grill there, is to take care about the shelter from the rain, wind and dust.

Fire Pit Furniture Set

You need to be sure that the place will be well organized. The patio, which is lined with wooden chairs and tables, is appropriate only if there is a roof.

Outdoor Patio Furniture with fire pit
Outdoor Fire Pit Furniture

Equally elegant looks wrought-iron chairs and sofas, as well as made of artificial vines. The main thing during choosing a construction for the patio – armchairs, sofas, chairs and beds should be comfortable for sitting.

Patio Furniture Fire Pit

Today, manufacturers learned to strap garden furniture in a special cloth – they also have a soft internal layer of filler and punched grooves for rainwater.

Patio Furniture Fire Pit Table Set

Therefore, from all vagaries of the weather and the nature such structure does not suffer: but it is designed for day and night stay outdoors during the warm season.

Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture fire pit table set with chairs and small sofas, formed by the tracks and planted plants will be an excellent point.

Outdoor Furniture with Fire Pit Table

BBQ table should be provided with free surfaces – shelves for prepared products and dishes that will be required during cooking. Also, there can be stored utensils, skewers and kettle.


Fire pit seating on a garden site

Fire pit seating creates a decorative frame for the hearth, will give it a neat, attractive appearance. Presently, contemporary progress and eternal employment it’s not able to enfeeble x and enrapture someone like as melodic crackling beams, soaring blaze, propagation of bright sparks. The cuddliest pastime in the warm season – is, of course, a junket in the fresh air.

Seating around Fire Pit

Fortunate owners of their own cottages, necessarily equip those corners on the sites to receive visitors and amuse with the whole family not in a stuffy room, but surrounded by nature. And meal prepared on an open fire, much more palatably than usual out of the oven or microwave oven.

Fire Pit Seating Sets

Fire pit seating area from the hearth should be protected by a strip at least 70-90 cm to accidentally flying sparks. The distance should be from the hearth to the seating places for people at a safe interval, but still close enough for normal communication and a sensation of warmth.

For a long cozy holiday is more suitable a circular fire pit bench seating with a backrest. However, several sawn timbers will also fit. And for a comfortable admiring the blaze can be put soft pads or mats. Organically also it looks built of the same rock as the hearth, retaining wall about 50 cm high and 40 cm wide, on which sit comfortably, and for additional fire protection is provided by the wind.

Outdoor Seating Sets with Fire Pit

Choosing furniture for a recreation zone – it’s not just tendency, but also the financial capacity of owners. Even if your bankroll is limited, do not purchase tatty plastic flashy colors things!

Fire Pit with Seating Wall

It is better to choose low-key colors of furniture, close to the natural tones, such as brown or green.

Fire Pit Sets with Seating

In this case it is better to establish a set of furniture by your own hands like as expressly coarse planks in a rustic style.

Fire pit seating ideas for arranging beautiful recreational areas:
1. It is very reliable look wrought iron things.
2. Wickerwork from rattan.
3. Furniture from advanced composite materials.
4. Furniture with inserts of special glass or ceramic.

You can easily make a fire pit bench yourself

It is difficult to imagine a modern garden without a fire pit bench.

There are two types of such furniture: the ones with the backs (for long stays) and the ones without backs (for a short time rest). The optimum height of the bench with a backrest is 40-50 cm. In such a way your feet comfortably lean and rest on the ground. The width of the seat should be 50-55 cm.

Outdoor Seating with Fire Pit

To make the seat more comfortable you can make the backrest with a tip of 5-12 degrees. The longitudinal rails are fastened to the seat on the height of 16-18 cm. The height of the entire backrest is 35-45 cm. The height of the bench without a backrest, as well as its width is 40-50 cm.

Fire Pit Seating Set

Bench around fire pit made of natural or artificial stone is durable and looks nice. Stone furniture will help to give a particular desired style to the garden area, such as Italian or English classics. However, you will not be able to sit on the furniture made of stone, brick or metal (forging, casting) in the cold weather, so they are combined with wood or other “warm” materials.

If you want to make a diy fire pit bench, most probably you will work with wood. Firstly, it is better to choose material less prone to decay, such as oak, walnut, cherry. Secondly, it is desirable to use laths or boards with a slightly convex surface – then the water will quickly slide between them and after a quarter of an hour after the rain such furniture will be completely dry.

Outdoor Seating with Fire Pit

There are some interesting fire pit bench ideas. You can paint it or make a special covers and pillows. You can not only paint it in one colour, but also draw something like flowers, animals, landscapes.


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