Beautiful Country Kitchen Curtains and Valances

If you decided to make the room in the country style you should think how to choose good and suitable country kitchen curtains and valances.

Country Kitchen Curtains and Valances

Your main task is to save the atmosphere of simplicity, lyrical mood and closeness to the nature.

Country Style Kitchen

Country Style Kitchen Curtains and Valances

Only light and natural fabrics can be used for primitive country curtains valances: cotton, linen, printed cotton, batiste, silk. Cotton valances have high level of durability and chemical resistance.

Primitive Style

French Country Valance Curtains for Kitchen

In addition, these blinds have a good heat resistance. But this material is easy rumpled and prone to shrinkage after washing. White cotton shades may turn yellow in the sun.

French Country Curtains Valances

Linen fabric is very light and durable. It has a dull luster. In addition, this material hardly shrinks after washing.

Country Style Curtains and Valances

Colors play an important role here too. It is recommended to choose light colors for country style curtains and valances, for example, white, pastel, brown.

There should be a simple pattern on the valances (strip, cell, flower and polka-dot).

Primitive Country Curtains for Kitchen

Here may be any patterns related to farmhouse: sunflowers, chickens, apples, pears and other fruit, as well as animals, berries, wheat.

Therefore it is possible to improvise and experiment.

Country Porch Curtains Valances

To create an absolute picture rustic style such shades are mounted on wooden curtain rods and decorated with straw figurines or ceramic accessories.

French Valances

Country Kitchen Curtains and Valances

As for the length, it is usually chosen according to the room. For example, for living room and bedroom it is better to use long curtains and for the kitchen it is more practical to use short ones.

Country Primitive Curtains Valances

French country valances and curtains are very popular, because they create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Primitive Country Curtains Valances

Pelmets are used to hide some defects of the window or wall and at the same time they complete country style. They can be made of light fabric or transparent tulle. It is necessary keep one rule: everything should be natural and simple.


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