Best 3 Year Old Birthday Party Activities

Best 3 Year Olds Birthday Party Activities 940x788

If you know, how big my love with kids birthday parties! Its so funny and a lot of happiness around. Сhildren smiles are the best reward for all the hassle of preparing for a birthday. There are a lot of different activities and I collected some for your inspire. However, when you’re playing with 3-year kids outdoors or indoors never forget about safety. Never leave children without adults, play with them and watch.


Funny Birthday Party Activities for 3 Year Old

Every child wants to have fun and a many active games. Here I keep most important list of some good games to play at your toddlers’ birthday party.

Party Activities for Toddlers


Dance and Sing

Play music for children and let them dance, that they wish. My son for example, like with pleasure to listen popular kid’s song “Baby shark”, “Dance party”, “Old Macdonald farm”, “Chu chu ua”.

Chu Chu Ua Song for Birthday
Baby Shark Dance for 3 Year Olds
Baby Shark Bithday Cake for Toddlers


Bubbles for Birthday Party

Good choice to bring bubble machine at toddler party. All will try to catch color bubbles and funny running around. Play why catch the biggest bubble, get a surprise!

Bubbles for Kids Party

Fishing for toddlers

At the same time, you can make small swimming pool for games, full it with cute plastic fish and octopus. So, give children fishing rods and let they fish, after surprise everyone with small presents. After fishing, you can cook fish with guests, in small kid’s kitchen and serve on the table. It will be good to serve real snacks by the end of this gaming. In the meantime, perfect idea to organize amazing outdoor party in Nemo style.

Fishing Party Games
Fishing Birthday Party


Pass the ball

In a word, all kids and toddlers like to puss the ball in the backyard, imagine playing football, baseball or just running with pretty ball. We also divide everyone into two teams and make a funny mess.

Toddlers Play Footbal Party


Art Painting Party for Kids

Moreover, create your own painting festival, get some brilliant paints and brushes. Paint on white paper green leaves, trees, animals, and of course birthday napkins. Use more toys, ballons, candies and don’t forget to make beautiful pictures.

Art Painting for Birthday Party

In addition, it is very easy to play a few kids games, setup tasty cupcakes, playing music and invite animators. Look for freshness meal and prepare sweet themed cake. Have a lot of fun and enjoy 3-year-olds birthday party activities. Finally, I try to collect more interesting information about  third birthday parties  I will write in my next post about.


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