How to Install Led Strip Lights?

How To Install LED Strip Lights

Today it’s very popular led strip lights in the kitchen. All time, I was dreaming about cute light kitchen above countertop.

But when we finished the overhaul of the apartment and installed all the kitchen furniture, we found that we had forgotten about the LEDs strip.

Of course, the electrician which made our lights was looking for simple ways to work and gave up this adventure.

His words sounded, like better to prepare a place for the LED strip earlier. So, my dear readers, as you understand, there is nothing to do.

Oh, God my husband made it himself, and I helped him!

Color Led Strip Lights


Easy Tips To Correct LED Strip for Kitchen

There are many types and options of LED strip, before you buy it, better to know:

  1. That the height of lighting you need;
  2. Color of light;
  3. Length of all area, which needs LED Strip.

Led for Kitchen
At this time, we chose strip 175-360 Lumens/ft, cold white color. You can use different colors of light, depends on your preference: yellow warm, natural white or cold. By the way, stripes of ultraviolet, red, green, blue, yellow colors also look very beautiful.


Tools That Needs to Install Light Strip

Before you start to work, prepare all these things:

  • Screw drivers;
  • LED strip lights;
  • Power adapters;
  • Cable;
  • LED connectors;
  • Scissors;
  • Liquid Nails;
  • Profile for LED strip aluminum or plastic;
  • Screws;
  • Manual jigsaw.

Tools Led Strip Lights

I advice to clean and dry all surfaces, unroll the light strip and cut all you need. I helped my husband all the time and take on this part of the work!


Steps to Install Led Strip Lights

Our job was friendly and fast.

And after that my easy step to make lights in the kitchen:

  1. Connect the light strip with power adapter;
  2. Using manual jigsaw easy cut the profile ( this time we used plactic profile);
  3. Back side of profile better glued or attached to the screws to kitchen cabinet;
  4. Now, remove the adhesive back of the tape and press it onto ready part of profile;
  5. Сlose the top of the plastic profile;
  6. Connecting all cables with connector cable to the driver;
  7. Switch on the driver;
  8. Enjoy your light!

Kitchen Led Strip Lights
Kitchen Light Strips
DIY Kitchen Light
In addition, my friends, the thought of this article came up shortly after.

So I don’t have many photos, but all of them are mine, if you need more advice, write me immediately or read this post about kitchen valances.


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