Best Back to School DIY Ideas

Best Back to School DIY Ideas


Easy and Fun Back-to-School DIY Projects

Nobody likes school. At least I don’t know lots of people who do. However, for many years we have to come back again and again. To make this return a bit funnier and happier I want to represent some ideas of back to school DIY.

Older children can make my things by themselves and younger pupils ask parent to help them. I hope these cute little items will encourage you to go to school with a smile.

Among my articles you’ll find original pencil cases and cool pencil toppers, great book covers and fantastic book marks. In addition, there are different desk accessories, organizers and notebooks. Well, don’t be lazy and crate something!



Back to School Organization DIY Ideas

Paper Clutter Organization

Back School Paper Clutter Organization

Back school paper clutter another fabulous DIY project.


Plywood and Foam Pockets Organiser

DIY Hanging Organiser Made with Plywood and Foam Pockets

DIY hanging organiser made with plywood and foam pockets.


Painted Storage Box

DIY Painted Storage Box

DIY box via Tell Love and Party  it’s a really cool look.


Organizing with Shopping Bags

Organizing with Shopping Bags

Organize your space before school with shopping bags on the wall, for sure it’s will be very useful.


Pattern Stickers Your Pots

How to Update Your Pots with Pattern Stickers

Here is how to update your pots with pattern stickers.


DIY Cereal Box Organizers

DIY Cereal Box Organizers

DIY box which capture all your loose papers and in same time organize and your favorite magazines. So you can say goodbye to messy drawers forever.


DIY Notebooks for Back to School

Batman Notebook

Tutorial Tuesday Batman Notebook

These notebook tutorial are super quick via The Cwafty Blog.


Free Printable Watercolor Notebook Covers

Free Printable Watercolor Notebook Covers

Cool idea show how to use printer and easily transfer a beautiful font from your computer to your journal cover, naturally gravitated toward them for your journal covers.


Chalkboard Notebooks

Chalkboard Notebooks for Back to School

Chalkboard notebooks for back to school via The Crafting Chicks.


Upcycle Binder Clips

School Supply DIY Upcycle Binder Clips

School supply DIY via Bsaz Creates see the full tutorial!


Heart Design Journal

Easy Heart Design Journal

Easy journal idea via Club Chica Circle Read on for the tutorial on how to make these pretty.


DIY Neon Pens

Make DIY Neon Pens

Everyone needs a super cute pens, right? Make this one via Rosyscription.


Heart Shaped Paper Clips

DIY Idea Heart Shaped Paper Clips

DIY idea with paper clips via Design Sponge make beautiful things that are also useful!


How to Make a Pillow Lap Desk

How to Make a Pillow Lap Desk

Idea awesome for anyone who uses a laptop. Create original lap desk by wrapping your pillow or the polyfoam with burlap.


DIY Gold Leaf Brushed Clipboards

DIY Gold Leaf Brushed Clipboards

Get ready to go back to school with these upgrade of your old office tools with layer of coloring.


Book Clutch

DIY Nerdy Chic Book Clutch

DIY nerdy chic book clutch via Caught on a Whim.


Upcycled Soda Box Pencil Cases

Upcycled Soda Box Pencil Cases

Upcycled project via The Creative Itch Boutique.


DIY Marble Pencil Holder

How to Make DIY Marble Pencil Holder in

How to make it, check at Crafts on Fire.


DIY Pencil Case Using Cereal Box

DIY Pencil Case Using Cereal Box

Upcycled crafts are fantastic for back to school. This idea how to make a cereal box pencil case simple and easy, your kids will love it.


After School Routine Clock

DIY After School Routine Clock

DIY after school routine clock via Mommy Moment.


Pin Case DIY

DIY Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case

DIY tic tac bobby pin case via Lovely Indeed.


Easy DIY Bookmarks Crafts


Paperclips Bookmarks

Best Buttons Paperclips Bookmarks

Best buttons paperclips bookmarks via Mango and Passion Fruit.


DIY Chunky Tassel Bookmarks

DIY Chunky Tassel Bookmarks

These fun chunky tassel bookmarks could use while reading your books. Add something amazing to your club night reading.


Floral Mouse Pad

DIY Floral Mouse Pad for Spring

DIY floral mouse pad make your desk unique space, customize your own design for back to school.



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