Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room of Your House

28 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas to Try for Your Home


Dining Room Wallpapers

It is very important to choose appropriate dining room wallpaper. That’s because a lot of families prefer to spend their time all together in this place, treat the guests, celebrate holidays or just have quick breakfast in the morning hurrying to work.

Wallpaper Ideas for Dining Room

Some of us can’t remember the color of walls at our friend’s apartment. Sometimes we don’t pay attention on such things.

Red Dining Room Wallpaper

But they always influence on our mood, although, we often don’t notice this.

Kitchen Dining Room Wallpaper

Your main task is to create a pleasant and welcoming ambience in the dining room that will be favorable to eating and communication.

Dining Room Wallpaper Designs

There is a large array of dining room wallpaper designs in each magazine or website about the interior. And it is so hard to find the best one for your own room.

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

Of course it is better to follow a common design concept for the whole house, not to make sudden conversions of colors. But this rule has an exception.

Dining Room Mural Wallpaper

You can emphasize the solemnity of your dining room if you make a corridor that leads to it much darker or lighter.

Modern Dining Room Wallpaper

Modern wallpaper for dining room can satisfy all the tastes. If you like classic variants, you may choose paintable textured wallpaper with a strict ornament.

Pastel walls with any extra details will make you feel comfortable and you’ll never get tired of them. Gentle colors in the style of Provence, for example, look stylishly and cozy.

You may choose flowers, branches with leaves, birds or other unobtrusive images. In such interior you will feel yourself calm and relaxed.

Formal Dining Room Wallpaper

For those ones who like experiments you can find a bright wallpaper design for dining room, with original patterns and even with photos of food and beverages.

Bright colors and images will help you to wake up quickly and feel cheerful even at six o’clock in the morning. You may try such tones as lemon, orange, green or red. So decide what mood you want to have in your dining room.


Modern Textured Wallpaper: Depth and Contrast

Modern textured wallpaper looks spectacular and stylish. It catches the eye and amaze with its elegant relief lines, which are combined in a unified composition.

With their help your room becomes dynamic and full of depth. You may also create a unique interior with 3-D effect.

Modern Texture Wallpaper for Walls

Modern wallpapers can help you to realize any idea or any dream. Everything depends on your choice.

You can create anything you want from simple geometric shapes and lines to Michelangelo’s fresco.

Daylight and artificial light make volumetric images more contrast, and create graceful shadows. Even wallpaper of one color can become more attractive than plain one.

Modern Silver Textured Wallpaper

The most popular models are striped, weaving, floral images and Damascus patterns.

But there are also a lot of original wallpapers that can make your room individual: checkered, dotted, with images of famous paintings or photo prints.

White Modern Textured Wallpaper

Among a big variety of patterns you can see a tendency to present one material as the other one. For example, if you want to have a brick wall in your living room, you don’t need to buy bricks.

You can easily make it with the help of appropriate wallpaper. And if you want to decorate the room with silver or golden elements, everything you need to do is to select the suitable texture.

Modern Textured Metallic Wallpaper

Modern textured metallic wallpaper looks glamorous and richly. It refracts light rays specifically, creating a chic and shine. But don’t overdo it. Too shiny interior dazzles the eye and may look tasteless.

Modern Paintable Textured Wallpaper

The quality of it usually high, because the latest techniques and special ink resistance materials are used for its manufacture. They are durable and you can select waterproof or paintable models. So they are universal and can be used for any walls.


Five Reasons to Choose Paintable Textured Wallpaper

Why is paintable textured wallpaper so popular and fashionable? What is the difference from the variety of other ones? We can find at least five reasons to answer these questions.

Paintable Textured Wallpaper Bathroom

Firstly, it is a good base for your creativity. You can create a unique color of walls, because only you and nobody else decides how to mix the tones, how dark, bright or light they will be.

You can implement any paintable textured wallpaper ideas, feel yourself as an artist with a brush in his hand who is going to write a real work of art.

Paintable Textured Wallpaper Border

Secondly, you can easily change the color of walls if your work of art doesn’t meet your expectations. It will take you about a half of the day to repaint the wallpaper and make the room a completely different color. And you may do this up to fifteen times, like some manufacturers assure.

Paintable Textured Wallpaper Ideas

Thirdly, even if your walls are not ideal and not very smooth, paintable textured wallpaper looks great.

That’s because they hide all the flaws of the surface with the help of volumetric images. You can also visually expand or diminish the space with the help of the texture pattern.

Paintable Textured Wallpaper Backsplash

Fourthly, you will not have problems with wallpapering. Usually paintable textured wallpaper border is not visible. You also do not have to choose pattern at the junction.

And the fifth thing is that you can use it in any room of the apartment. It is universal. For example, children’s or entrance rooms often require repainting. So it is the ideal choice for these places. Even paintable textured wallpaper bathroom exist. Such models are waterproof and have some recommendations of their use.

So these are five reasons why you should try such wallpapers in your house. Do you want to create something special?


The Most Creative Powder Room Wallpaper

Sometimes powder room wallpaper surprises with originality. This room is usually the smallest one in the house, so it is the best one for difference experiments.

And the presence of the mirror, that you often can see there, increases the effect of unusual interior design at times. So let’s discuss some interesting ideas.

Wallpaper in Powder Room

If you want to have something for fun, you may choose a nice pattern with books on the shelves and turn your powder room into the library.

Your guests will certainly appreciate the subtle sense of humor. The same effect can be with newspapers, which may help to create the illusion of repair.

You also may choose a pattern with silhouettes, faces, smiles, comics and other laughable pictures.

Small Powder Room Wallpaper Ideas

The other way to emphasize your originality is to choose strict wallpaper for powder room. For example, you may have an interior in black-and-white style.

Dark walls will create an atmosphere of privacy. Striped textured metallic wallpapers also can look glamorous in this room.

Best Wallpaper for Powder Room

The next idea children will like. It is to paint walls in all the colors of the rainbow. Be sure that in such room you will always be in good mood.

You may also use different photo prints of balloons or fireworks, for instance. If you have children you may use patterns with animals or a world map. They would be happy to study the walls of the room.

Dramatic Wallpaper for Powder Room

A great choice can be made if you pay attention on dramatic wallpaper for powder room.

You can create a mysterious and mystical ambience. Or if to add some warm colors it can become romantic. Lights in forms of candles will help you to complete the image.

Wallpaper for Powder Room

These are only some original powder room wallpaper ideas. Perhaps they will inspire you to more interesting design solutions.


Wallpaper for Bathroom: Difficulties of the Decision

Wallpaper for bathroom always looks gracefully and attractive.  With its help you can create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Grasscloth Wallpaper for Bathroom

So if you prefer stylish design decisions, such choice will be excellent for you. But you should know some particularities how to select the appropriate model.

Dolphin Wallpaper for Bathroom

Bathroom always differs significantly from other rooms in the house. It has a distinctive feature – the humidity. That is why wallpaper for bathrooms must meet certain requirements.

Wallpaper for Bathrooms Waterproof

And first of all, they should be waterproof. So pay your attention on washable and vinyl models, that are resistant to water and vapors.

Wallpaper for Bathrooms Laura Ashley

And the process of washing the walls should be easy, because you have to do it often in the bathroom, so consider this while making a choice.

You also need to think about the ventilation of the room seriously.

Wallpaper for Bathrooms Walls

If to speak about the patterns, your decision will be difficult. That’s because of a big variety of prints that exist in the hardware stores.

You may decorate your bathroom in any style from baroque to high-tech. But there are some patterns that are always in fashion – fish wallpaper for bathroom, for instance.

Fish Wallpaper for Bathroom

Why are they so popular? The reason is in water that we often associate with dolphins, fishes, shells and other marine life. Almost everyone wants to imagine a piece of paradise somewhere at the ocean, while taking shower.

You can also find bubbles, drops or waves that also will help you to feel a sea breeze. But some people doesn’t like water topic in their flats. If you are one of them, you may select a classical print with squares.

Simple geometric shapes look great on the walls. Flowers or leaves make your bathroom fresher and more natural.

You can use the photo wallpaper with any picture you want. If you are a very creative person you can even invent an individual wallpapers that will be unique and special for you.



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