Rosemary: Plant Care & Growing Guide

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This evergreen shrub is very popular not only among gardeners but also among cooks. Rosemary is used as a seasoning or as part of a Provencal Herb mix. Such a plant loves warmth and grows well in many countries with sultry weather.

How To Use Rosemary Seeds

If the winter in your region frosty, it’s better to remove the rosemary in the house or cover its roots with a layer of leaves. There are some special features if you plan to grow rosemary. First, this plant can grow up to 2 meters (outdoors).

Easy Ways To Grow Rosemary

The root system is very powerful, extending almost 3 meters deep. You need to use the upper part with leaves and flowers for food. You can add rosemary to cabbage, legumes, eggplant, and meat. Relatives of this plant are thyme, mint, lavender and basil.


How to Grow Rosemary in Right Way

If you have purchased rosemary seeds, then it is better to plant them for seedlings in late February or early March. At the end of May, it is time to plant the seedlings in the soil. This plant loves outdoor sunlight, so find a suitable spot for healthy growth.

Grow Rosemary From Seeds

The soil for growing rosemary must be loose so that water and air can pass through without obstruction. Watering must be done carefully, pour water to the roots and not to the leaves.

Growing Rosemary From Cuttings

It is best to add complementary foods that contain potassium and phosphorus (in the fall). In the spring, you can take a mixture with mineral supplements. At home and outdoors, rosemary can be sore – common pests are aphids, whitefly or peronosporosis.


Regrow Rosemary at Kitchen

Many people choose to grow herbs rosemary in their apartment: in the kitchen. This is great because you get a wonderful soothing scent and a quick spice on your window. You can regrow rosemary from kitchen scraps. It is a perennial plant, so you can enjoy its bloom for a long time with the right care.

Regrow Rosemary At Home

Houseplant care always requires attention, but rosemary is unpretentious:

  • Water this, remove dry leaves, and remember that the plant loves light;
  • The neighborhood can be any; you can put it near the basil, onions, mint and so on;
  • It is better to choose a slightly larger clay pots to keep the roots comfortable. Place drainage at the bottom of the pot to drain excess water from the roots.

Remember to place a drip tray to prevent water from flowing to the floor.


Harvesting of Rosemary Plants

If you grow this plant from seeds, then the harvest will be only next year. It is better to choose ready-made seedlings to harvest in the coming season. For spices, leaves and flowers are suitable, which can be carefully cut with scissors. In order for the bush to grow more actively, you need to regularly cut off the top.

How To Harvest Rosemary

By the way, many seasoned chefs advise cutting the leaves during the flowering period because rosemary is especially fragrant during this time. If you notice powdery mildew on the leaves, then these are signs of stagnant air or high humidity. Change the growing conditions and this dew will pass.


Benefits of Rosemary

If you choose to grow rosemary indoor then you are not looking at the beauty of this bush. Such a plant gives a pleasant aroma, beautiful small flowers and spice. The scent of rosemary is similar to the combination of camphor, pine, lemon and eucalyptus.

Health Benefits Of Rosemary

Of course, the main benefit of rosemary is to be harvested to add to meats, vegetables, and so on. Rosemary is ideal in marinades for chicken, and I love it so much!

Rosemary Chicken Recipe

Do you know that this herb is diaphoretic, antispasmodic, diuretic, antiseptic and analgesic? Yes, medicine also use it.

Of course, you can use rosemary in the form of a tincture – in water or alcohol. You can brew tea with rosemary; it will be an excellent tonic. Explore other benefits of rosemary that can help you with colds, headaches, insomnia, and more. This natural remedy can be combined with other herbs to create tea mixes.


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