Awesome Teenage Party Games

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It is very easy for adults to organize a party. All you need to do is write a guest list, arrange food and drinks, rent a cafe or pay for the club. But for teens, a standard party is not enough.

You really want to come up with something special and stand out. I collected best ideas of awesome teenage party games. Catch some interesting and your friends will never forget these moments!


How to Organize a Cool Teens Party

To organize the coolest party that all your friends will talk about, consider a few important nuances:

  • Come up with an interesting name for the party. The name should explain to people what will be at the party and should they come or not;
  • Make an event program. Having a clear idea of ​​what will happen at the party will help you choose the right music, entertainment, food, and even clothing;
  • Make invitation cards with original designs. Type in the name of the party, date, and address in large print. And don’t forget to add intriguing phrases like «private party, by invitation only»;
  • Advertise your party. Tell all your friends about the upcoming event;
  • Create a suitable indoor atmosphere, choose beautiful decor, good music and delicious treats, and drinks for your guests.


Preparing the Room and Menu for a Teen Party

Come up with an interesting party theme. The theme is only limited by your own imagination. Consider the appropriate decor, menu, and dress code for guests. Choose the right music in advance according to the theme of the party.

Dance Game For Teens

The menu for teenagers’ parties can include various sandwiches and snacks, and original tasty salads.

Don’t forget about drinks. Lemonade in multi-colored bottles, juices, and various carbonated drinks will do.


Awesome Teenage Party Games

To entertain your friends who have come to your party, prepare a list of interesting games.

Tik Tok Party Games Teens

Bon appetit. Two or more pairs take part. Each pair has to eat a long cucumber faster than the others at the same time from both ends without touching it with their hands.

Other guests can support pairs. There is a blindfolded option too. Select couples by mutual agreement.

After players have been blindfolded, change all partners. I recommend you take pictures (close-up).

Game Eating Without Hands For Teens

A hen lays eggs. You will need eggs, boiled better (but do not tell the participants about this), cups according to the number of participants.

Choose a few pairs. Participants stay together with their backs to each other, asking each to lean forward. An egg is clamped between the backs (slightly lower).

Place a cup on the floor. At the signal from the leader, the players should carefully «lay» the egg in the «nest» trying not to crush it. The first pair to finish the game wins.

Party Games For Teens With Eggs

Role-playing game. Write an interesting scenario and give roles to the guys for some time before the party.

Guests have to act on behalf of their characters and follow the scenario. The most popular example of an RPG is the Mafia.

Games And Activities For Teens Party

But, if you want something more interesting, then choose a topic appropriate to the movies or heroes popular among your friends.

Harry Potter Party Game For Teens

The world of Harry Potter or Graffiti falls, or maybe something from the classics.


Arrange a Photo Shoot for Memories

To forever remember interesting moments spent with friends, be sure to take a photo as a souvenir.

Best Games For Teens Party

If possible, invite a photographer who will make a professional photo session or just take pictures of you during the party. Some more interesting photo ideas:

  • Rent a photo booth with instant photo printing.
  • Take Polaroid photos.
  • Set up a special party-style photo zone.

Slime Party Games

Always remember that organizing a good party is actually not that difficult. It is enough to use the simple tips I have proposed and show your imagination.


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