How to Clean Snow from a Gravel Driveway 2022?

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Gravel driveways have a lot of benefits. They are easy to install and maintain, cost-effective and aesthetically attractive. Everything is great until winter comes. Therefore, you may want some more information on how to clean snow from gravel driveway.

Here, I want to share some tips on how to do it efficiently.


Utilizing a Snow Blower Equipped with Skid Shoes

Remember that you cannot use a single-stage snow blower for gravel driveways. The stones can be blown and get in the air. They can damage the environment or hurt people around.

That is why utilizing two- and three-stage snow blowers equipped with skid shoes is the best option.


Cleaning A Snow On Driveway With Blower


Such units do not move close to the ground and they leave a thin layer of snow behind.

This layer covers the gravel and protects it from being moved and blown away together with snow.


Starting with the Upwind Part of a Driveway Is Essential

Now, when you know what is the best method to clean snow from the driveway made of gravel, it is important to consider some factors.

One of them is that heavy storms that bring a lot of snow onto your backyard are usually accompanied by strong winds.


How To Remove Snow From Driveways


That is why the snow on the driveway is not spread evenly on every part of it. One side of the driveway usually has more snow than the other.

Start cleaning from the very end of the path which is located upwind. Simultaneously, the blower’s chute should be laid toward the downwind direction.

Otherwise, all the snow which is cleaned will be redirected on the driveway again.


Raising and Lowering of the Blower Helps Remove Thick Snow

When the snowfall has been rather heavy and the snow lies on the driveway in a thick layer, it is very difficult to remove it quickly even by using a blower.

Start with raising a machine some inches up over the ground to remove the top layer first.


Clean Snow Driveway


Only after this layer is taken away, can you lower the blower down to clean the rest of the snow.

To clean snow from the driveway efficiently and with the minimum effort possible, you will need to follow this procedure on the entire length of the alley.


Cleaning a Snow Blower Is Needed for Removing Chunks

As soon as you complete cleaning the snow, don’t forget to remove chunks and debris from the snow blower.

You won’t be able to clean it in a while. So, the hardened substance will prevent the machine from starting for the next go. It may also stop operating properly or just break down.

Try to clean the auger first and then pay attention to the impeller because they are essential parts of the machine and quite vulnerable for clogging.


Tips On Cleaning Snow From Driway


You can also opt for rear blades to clean snow from the driveway made of gravel. It is also an efficient method which uses the same principles and procedures as a snow blower.

Be careful while operating a rear blade if the snow layer is thick. Use the similar method of raising and lowering the appliance as with the blower.

You can also use an old-school shovel but it is more difficult, time consuming and less efficient.


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