Easy Ways to Warm up Your Patio in Winter

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The patio area is the dream of many people. Even if you do not have a garden or a country house, then you thought about a chic outdoor zone to relax there with family and friends.

Every detail is very important here because it creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. But in the wintertime, it is difficult to do it warmer.

There are many ways to warm patio and not all of them are more complicated and expensive.


Use Fireplace or Warmers

The most popular option is a fireplace. Of course, this is expensive because a good quality fireplace can be ordered.

But you can also do it using bricks.


Winter Patio With Fireplace


Your best bet is to make a wall and put a fireplace there. The pipe and bricks will heat up and provide additional heat.

Leave tables and chairs against the wall and enjoy a cozy winter evening with your family.


Ways Warming Patio


Another way to heat this is a simple warmer. It is less costly, but it also requires a certain expense.

There are different models but almost all of them are powered by electricity.

It is clear that the consumption there is energy efficient. But you will turn it on when you need it.


Fireplace Winter Patio


The only disadvantage of such equipment is its temporary warmth. You turned it on and enjoy the warmth, turned it off and the heat is gone.

The fireplace still keeps the heat longer because the bricks cool down more slowly.


Use Fire Pits

People find different ways how to warm up patio in winter territory. And a demanded point is a fire pit.

You can do this with your own hands by digging a hole and overlaying it with stones, metal, ceramics or bricks. There are design solutions that look like real masterpieces.




Any idea can be implemented to keep your relaxation area comfortable and warm.

You can find gas fire pit that connect to the chimney and make the fire easier to start.

There are simple types that are heated with wood.


Best Ways To Warm Up Patio In Winter


Modern landscaping ideas can help make your outdoor area look beautiful and stylish.

There are the following types of fire pits:

  • Stone or brick fire pit;
  • Fire pit as a hole;
  • Wood burning grill;
  • Indoor type for veranda;
  • Copper bowl fire pit;
  • Propane portable fire pit;
  • Fire pit table;
  • Gel fueled logs.


Cozy Decor and Warm Drinks for Patio Relax

Any garden area should have a small relaxation area. It will be a pleasure for you and your family.

Use any item: garlands, lamps, blankets, pillows, comfortable chairs.

Set up a table with candlesticks and all kinds of candles. Various antiques will help create the atmosphere cozier and even magical.


Fire Pits In Winter Patio


Explore the ways of warming patio to make you comfortable in winter.

Prepare a warming drink to sit out in the garden in winter. Enjoy the amazing taste and aroma of the following drinks:

  • Hot chocolate with honey and cinnamon.
  • Non alcoholic apple cider.
  • Non-alcoholic mulled wine.
  • Spicy tea-latte.
  • Cranberry punch.
  • Winter berry hibiscus tea.
  • Spicy eggnog.

Winter is a magical time! Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy every moment!

Make your garden more comfortable with the available methods to warm patio. Sit in the shade with a refreshing drink in the summer or warm up by the fire in the snowy winter.

Create real coziness so that you feel pleasant and comfortable!


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