Tangled Birthday Party Ideas

Best Tangled Birthday Party Ideas Ever

Tangled birthday party is a dream of every little girl. The story about cheerful and fearless princess Rapunzel with long hair is loved by many children. Parents can recreate the fabulous adventure for the young heroine and guests on the most magical day of the year.


Creative Ideas for Rapunzel Birthday Party

Birthday Party Ideas for Tangled Theme

It is impossible to make the atmosphere complete without a dress of Rapunzel. You can either buy it or sew it with your own hands. The main attribute of the costume is a long braid of bright yarn.

For the guests you may also prepare little souvenirs like: suspension with the symbol of the magic flower, tiaras for girls, toy of chameleon Pascal (faithful friend of a Princess).

Tangled Disney Birthday Party Supplies and Favors

Of course, there should be tangled birthday party invitations. Such themed invitations may be made in the scrapbooking technique. You will need colored paper, cardboard, glitter, markers or paint, and, of course, thread – for the braid of the Princess.

If you do not have much time to prepare it you can print the invitations and write there date and time of the event.

Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Cake Party Decorating Ideas

Decorating the room you can use birthday party ideas for tangled theme given by the organizers. But you can also use your creativity. The main colors of the party are yellow, purple and pink. Use the symbol of this story – a magical flower.

Hang the posters with the images of the wanted Flynn Ryder, lay on the table small lavender bouquets. You can even make a real Princess tower, in which everyone can take a picture.


Tangled Disney Birthday Party Supplies

Tangled Birthday Party Supplies

Entertainment of the holiday is one of the most important things for children. For example, you can offer them different tangled birthday party games. The first game is called “Flynn Ryder’s nose”. Let them try to stick a nose to the image of a thief of the kingdom – Flynn Rider.

Tangled Birthday Party Games

Print all the necessary details in advance and the children will have fun. “Rapunzel’s picture” is a second game. They will try to draw the same picture as Rapunzel did it.

Tangled Birthday Party Food Ideas

You may prepare the background and let the kids paint the lights, which wanted to see the Princess, with their fingers. In addition, children can play computer games and run the sky lanterns with parents.

Tangled Birthday Party Ideas


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