Horse Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Horse Birthday Party Ideas Themed Invitations, Food and Crafts

A birthday is a special occasion, especially in childhood, that’s why many parents aspire to celebrate it in unforgettable way like in the case of a horse birthday party.

You can start from purchasing, borrowing or renting such basic staff as the thematic plates, napkins, cups, and decorations. But this is not the all you may make. It is possibly to provide a live small pony or even big horse with a carriage the children can ride.

But if it is rather impossible then toy ponies will be a good alternative. Bales of hay would be wonderful design decoration too because of its peculiar smell and texture especially for outdoor celebration.


Horse Farm Birthday Party

Horse Farm Birthday Parties - Cowgirl Party

Horse farm birthday parties – cowgirl party via Kara’s parties.

Horse birthday party ideas include using cowboy music, for example, country songs, or special jockey costume accessories like cowboy hats, and a horse-cloth.

Original invitations can create preliminary excitement and enthusiasm not only for your invited guests but for you and your child too if you let him or her to take part in choosing suitable design and creating the staff by your own and your child’s hands.


Printable Horse Party Invitations

Free Printable Horse Birthday Party Invitations

Free printable horse birthday party invitation by From the Rookery.

When the invitations will be ready you can together deliver it along, for instance, with a horse figure or a cowboy hat.


Horse Ride Birthday Party

Horse Ride Birthday Party

Horse ride birthday party via a Blissful Nest.


Themed Birthday Party Food

Horse Themed Birthday Party Food

Horse themed birthday party food via Live Laugh Loving Life. Such posters like “your child rides on a horse” or some “wanted posters” would be great mood-supporters too. What is more the theme relating short poems read aloud sound very nice in the case of birthday parties with horses.

Horse Themed Birthday Party Simple Cake

Horse themed birthday party simple cake via HWTM.

For indoor party the great idea is to make cardboard’s stirrups and then attach them to the backs of chairs. The wall can be decorated by hand made cardboard’s horseshoes, pony’s figures and cowboy’s hat.


Horse Birthday Party Activities

Horse Themed Birthday Party Activities

Horse themed birthday party activities via See Vanessa Craft.


Horse Craft Ideas

Horse Craft Ideas for Birthday Party

Horse craft ideas for birthday party via Money Wise Moms. A horse birthday party places can be both outdoor and indoor. It depends on your wish and possibilities.

Rustic Horse Birthday Party

Rustic horse birthday party by Sunshine Parties. Outdoor party can be arranged on a local farm, in a park near an equestrian, in a zoo or somewhere else. Indoor party is possible organize at your home or in a rented room.

Horse Themed Birthday Party Ideas



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