Tabletop Fire Pit Ideas

Tabletop Fire Pit Ideas


Is it beneficial to have the DIY fire pit table?

DIY fire pit table is an indispensable helper for cooking something on a fire, especially outside. Very often, it comes as an element of design allowing making the place more comfortable and elegant. In two words, it is a table with a fire inside. It can be open and closed, which means that in the first case you are able to look on the flame directly, without any obstacles. In a second case, there can be a lattice or glass through which you can see the flame inside.

DIY Propane Fire Pit Table
DIY Fire Pit Coffee Table

The very advantage of a closed solution that you can put a cup with a hot drink. In case you possess a fire pit table DIY with a bowl on it, you can put something on the edge of it, but you have to be sure that the bowl is enough high so that the flame will not leave its borders.

DIY Fire Pit Table Propane
DIY Wood Fire Pit Table
DIY Gas Fire Pit Table

The main reason of a big popularity of a DIY outdoor fire pit table is that the same thing could be very expensive in stores. That is why, if you want it, you can make it on your own. First of all, you will need a stand for it.

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Table
DIY Concrete Fire Pit Table

That is the simplest way – build a fire pit and then put some kind of a rack on it, with a hole in the middle. However, you can choose another method, make a metal stand for it, and then create a table with a container for a wood underneath it. This will take some expences, but it is all possible to do-it-yourself.

DIY Fire Pit Table Kit
Fire Pit Table DIY
Build Fire Pit Table

A very common choice is to make DIY fire pit table propane, which stand usually is a pipe with the gas. It is a very convenient choice, if you want only to decorate your outdoor area, though it is not suitable for cooking. Still, the choice is yours.

The advantages of tabletop fire pit

Tabletop fire pit is an interesting modern element of decoration. It has many advantages:

Propane Tabletop Fire Pit
Gas Tabletop Fire Pit

  • Convenient and cross functional. The design of the product is created in such a way to provide the mobility of the bowl and give it the opportunity to be placed in any part of the garden or a cottage yard.
  • Lightweight and compact. If necessary, you can always change the location of the bowls. Their design is often completed by a special stand, reticulate covers for maximum comfort of the users.
  • Nice and practical. A variety of models allows you to choose the one that will be a wonderful decorative addition to any landscape. And the availability of the special framework makes the product even more practical, because many dishes can be cooked using the campfire bowl.
  • High safety in use. Thanks to sophisticated design, the fire will not spread freely and occupy only the space strictly allotted for it.

Tabletop Fire Pit DIY

Even if you don’t have enough money to buy a fire pit, there are many interesting and original ideas how to make a tabletop fire pit with your own hands. You can use any metal container you have at home.

Small Tabletop Fire Pit

It can be an ordinary bucket or a junk. But if you want to make it really nice you should work hard on it. Many people make such a diy tabletop fire pit and then sold it. But such works are not cheap, because they are usually forged and have an interesting shape (for example, a flower, a football ball or a wineglass). But you can be sure that one has the same bowl, because it is handmade and can’t be exactly copied. There also interesting variants made of ceramics.

Tabletop Fire Pit Outdoors

Today manufacturers offer tabletop gas fire pit. Such construction is more convenient, because you don’t need coal and wool, but just turn on the gas.


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