Epic Pool Party Ideas

Epic Pool Party Ideas


Kids Pool Party Ideas

If you’re planning a kids pool party, there’re a couple of things you need to consider. Those include the number of guests, safety measures, the theme of your future celebration, according decorations, entertainment (including various contests and water activities) and, the last but not least, food and drinks.

Pool Party Ideas for Kids

There’re numerous kid pool party ideas that might give you a couple of hints on how to organize a party for your little ones and their friends.

Menu Ideas for Kids Pool Party

For instance, the most popular pool party theme all kids are obsessed with is Finding Dory.

Kid Pool Party Ideas

It’s also one of the easiest themes to find the decoration for. It also provides you with numerous entertaining activities (like treasure hunting, fish finding, guess the kind of fish game, fish language contest, actual toy fishing, etc.) all kids will gladly participate in.

Kid Pool Party Invitation Wording

Kid Pool Party Invitations

Obviously, you need to prepare and/or order a load of fun snacks for kids pool party to keep little swimmers energized throughout the event.

Fun Snacks for Kids Pool Party

Kid Pool Party Food

Combination of healthy, semi-healthy and sweet stuff is always a winner. Make sure to provide a lot of fruit based kid pool party food, as it’s the healthy option most children won’t mind, but actually love, especially if you find the way to present different fruits in an interesting way.

Kid Pool Party Food Ideas

Kid Pool Party Favors

For instance, you may prepare popsicle shaped watermelon bites on wooden sticks, banana dolphins holding grape pearls in their mouths, berry plates, fruit and vegetable smoothies, yogurt and fruit in small plastic containers presented on a wide curved plastic plate with sand to imitate a sandbox, goldfish, potato chips and ice cream in colorful beach buckets, chicken stuffed egg sailing boats, beach cocktail decorated cupcakes, ice cream cones filled with fruit pieces and marshmallows, burgers decorated into beach balls, etc.

Kid Pool Party Decorations

Don’t forget about those amazing watermelon shark cutout centerpieces filled with fresh berries, nutter butter biscuits glazed to resemble flip flops and sandwich bites turned into fish, shark or star figures with the help of giant cookie cutters.

Easy Tips for Birthday Pool Party

Birthday pool party is a perfect idea for summer celebration, especially when it’s boiling hot outside and not everyone is Ok with spending time burning themselves under the scorching sun. When you choose to conduct someone’s birthday celebration, you essentially solve two problems at once: you have both location and party entertainment.

Swimming Pool Birthday Party
Pool Themed Birthday Party

When it comes to pool birthday party places, you have a couple of options to choose from. Firstly, if you’re fortunate enough to have your own pool or if one of your friends/relatives have one at their backyard, you may always set up your celebration at home. That’s quite convenient, as you won’t have to transport/order your presents, food, drinks, etc.
The next option is a pool rental for birthday party. You may book a public water area for a couple of hours of for the entire day.

Pool Party Birthday Ideas

It might be even more advantageous, as your guests will have a bigger water area to have fun in. Besides, those sites often have various slides, sprinkles, different water amusement fixtures, as well as various pool accessories that will bring your water entertainment to the next level.

Pool Birthday Party Supplies
Indoor Pool Birthday Party

You may even ask the servicemen to provide you with swimming pool birthday party supplies and decorate the place for you according to the chosen theme.

First Birthday Pool Party Ideas
First Birthday Pool Party

Oh, the theme. If you’re going to carry out children’s party, you may definitely opt for the Finding Dory, Little Mermaid or Jake and the Never Land Pirates theme. Basic nautical themed decorations, an ongoing cocktail bar and fun music will do the adult celebration.

Birthday Party Cakes

Pool Party Birthday Cakes
Pool Party Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Invitation ideas

Birthday Pool Party Invitations
Free Printable Birthday Pool Party Invitations
Free Printable Pool Party Birthday Invitations
Free Printable Birthday Pool Party Invitations Templates
Pool Birthday Party Invitation
Pool Party Birthday Invitations
Pool Party Birthday Invitation

You’ll only have to pack up your food, cooled drinks, order a cake and send out birthday invitations via email. It’s better to provide your guests with a lot of fruit and sweet snacks. Generally, a buffet table with different quick and filling food bites will be perfect for this type of location.

Birthday Pool Party Ideas
1st Birthday Pool Party Ideas

Teen Pool Party Ideas

Carrying out a teen pool party is a great way to celebrate numerous events like school graduation, certain holiday, prom or even someone’s birthday (especially the sweet 16 one).

Hot Teen Pool Party

A load of fun is guaranteed, especially if the person you’re arranging this celebratory event for loves swimming or if you want to find a perfect outdoors location for a special celebration on a hot summer day/evening.

Teen Pool Party Pics

Don’t forget that adult observation is especially required when a load of teens are going to have fun in and around the water. Safety measures should come first. Secondly, you need to think which pool will turn into the victim of a hot teen pool party.

Teen Pool Party Invitations

If you parents don’t want to deal with a bunch of kids having water fun in their backyard or if you’re one of those parents, public water area will be the best solution for you.

Teen Pool Party Ideas

Firstly, you won’t have to clean up after the celebration. And that’s the main after party issue. Secondly, you’ll get a much bigger basin to conduct your party in.

Teen Pool Party Games

Add tables, chairs and sunbeds that will fit your large loud company, fun music you may turn on without fearing your neighbors’ complaints, various accessories to conduct teen pool party games, fresh and nice food… Sounds like the best thing ever.

Teen Girls Pool Party

Just search for teen pool party ideas to choose your décor theme and come up with a couple of games you can play in the water and by the pool. Don’t forget to include active ones (like water volleyball, water gun fighting, speed swimming contests, footsy balloon popping in the water, etc.), prepare little prizes and don’t forget to send specially designed DIY invitations to turn your celebration into the most massive one ever.

Pool Party Ideas for Teens

Don’t forget to bring your action camera to capture the silliest and the funniest moments. Ask everyone to take at least a couple of pictures to make a small collage about your event.


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