Best Pool Slides Ideas

Best Pool Slides Ideas

What makes an above ground pool slide really good

An above ground pool slide is one of those things, which make this version of water basins just as amazing as the inground one. It adds so much fun to your swimming time that it’s definitely worth installing. Both kids and adult people will love it.

Slide for Pool Above Ground
Pool Slides for Above Ground Pools

Slide for Above Ground Pools
Slide for Above Ground Pool

With a special ladder and supporting bracket under the end of the actual slide, above ground swimming pool slides may be adjusted to different water basins depending on their depth and kind of material used to make the actual pool. Safety is probably the most important issue, which determines the customer’s choice. Indeed, it’s the sturdiness, material reliability and assembly quality that define the quality (and the price range) of the product in whole and make the client buy this or that option.

Above Ground Pool Water Slide
Above Ground Swimming Pool Slides
Above Ground Pool with Slide
Slides for Above Ground Pools

It’s important that each slide for above ground swimming pool has to feature special edges, which provide slip prevention and protection. They shouldn’t be too flat, as otherwise the risk that people may slip over the edge while going through the turn is too high. The stair case should be designed the way that it’s not too steep and not too slippery for people with wet feet to climb. Handrails are absolute must-have. Different parts of the actual should be secured together tightly not to fall apart right when the person is going down it.

Sliding Board for Above Ground Pool

Slide for Above Ground Swimming Pool

Various turning configuration, moving speed, additional effects like water delivery systems, tunnels, tilts and multiple turns make water slides for above ground pools really entertaining. If you install one of them by your water basin, complement it with different accessories and sliding boards, you’ll pretty much have a mini version of water amusement park at home, which is available 24/7. Your kids will be provided with amazing summer entertainment. Just make sure to supervise them while they’re playing by the pool. You won’t be able to resist the temptation to join this summer fun anyway.


Inflatable or residential backyard pool slides

Backyard pool slides make our summer swimming time ten times better and more entertaining. You may set one of them up by your pool and literally spend the entire day going down the slide and feeling like the water is splashing around your body. Your kids will love it for sure. They won’t leave it alone until they get completely tired, hungry and sleepy.

Backyard Pool Water Slides
Backyard Swimming Pool Slides

The best thing is that there’re a couple of versions of backyard pool gliding accessories, which will fit any type of the swimming basin people have or even function without one.

Indeed, you may find an inflatable backyard water slide and pool (two in one), figure out its water mechanism and enjoy swimming fun even without having an inground or above ground basin beside your house. You may find them in small, medium and large sizes.

Your choice will depend on the age of your children (if you’re buying it for them, but not adults) and the space available in your backyard.

Residential Pool Slides

If compared to residential pool slides, these aren’t too expensive. And, you may find those which are designed for your water basin deck. Then, people will dive into the big basin after going down the slope. Some of them are designed to be put directly into the water. Besides, you may easily deflate and put them away once the season is over or when you need to free your backyard area.

Backyard Pools with Slides
Water Slides for Backyard Pools

However, sharp objects may easily damage those inflatable things. That’s why those water slides for backyard pools, which resemble residential fixtures from water amusement parks, are much more safe and reliable.

Backyard Pools with Rock Slides
Slide for Backyard Pool

In addition to that, people who’re only thinking about constructing a basin at their property may consider including a built-in rock slide and steps into their construction plan. It will improve the look of your future swimming basin, as well as add an entertaining feature to it.


Things to pay attention to while choosing home pool slides

If you’re looking for home pool slides, the first thing you need to think about is who’s going to use it, which type of product you’d like to purchase and which features it should have. As variety of these water entertainment accessories is quite overwhelming, you need to determine what you’re looking for before going out to buy your slide.

Home Pool Water Slide
Custom Pool Slides Home
Home Pool Water Slides

So, when we think about big water slides for home pools, we normally imagine those colorful inflatable ones all kids love playing on.

Home Swimming Pool Slides
Home Swimming Pools with Slides

However, you need to understand that there’s an age restriction that doesn’t allow children below certain age to go on them. Besides, younger children who’re allowed to use it, may do that only under the adult supervision. So, you need to find such home water slide for pool everyone will have a chance to enjoy.

Home Built Pool Slide
Best Pool Slide for Home
Pool Water Slides for Home

Most people stick to inflatable versions, as they’re more affordable and maybe even more practical. You may set one of them up whenever you want. And, if you want to clear out your backyard space to conduct a picnic or an outdoor party in your garden, you may easily deflate it, put away and pull out whenever you have a desire to do it.

Home Water Slide for Pool
Home Pools with Slides
Water Slides for Home Swimming Pools

While choosing the best pool slide for home pools, you need to pay special attention to safety issues. For instance, inflatable ones aren’t too reliable due to perforation risks. Residential resembling ones are sturdier, they have all those curves and tunnels, which make the ride even more exciting, their steps are a lot less slippery to climb up, etc.

Tallest Home Pool Slide
Water Slides Home Pools

However, you need to check the quality of materials these pool accessories are made of, as well as the quality of assembly job. Don’t forget to make sure that the actual slide is deep enough for people not to fall out during the ride and that the water mechanism performance is great.


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