PVC Pipe Projects Anyone Can Make

DIY PVC Pipe Projects

Have you got any PVC pipes that have caused you a lot of trouble once? Now with the newest and most creative ideas you are able to turn these used pipes into something really extraordinary.

PVC pipe projects can prompt you how to apply these pipes in design of your home or yard. Not only some hangers in a garage or yard can be made from them, but also some excellent- looking candle holders, beds for your pets, shelves.

These pipes can help you organize real order in your chest of drawers or at your table by making holders for office supplies. Creativity of using these seemingly useless things will really amaze you and you will find suitable ideas for you. That is for sure!

Awesome Things to Make With PVC Pipes


Book Shelves

Make PVC Book Shelves

Make PVC book shelves via Ehow. Just purely creative!


Photo Vases

Awesome Mother’S Day Photo Vases From PVC Pipe

Awesome Mother’S Day photo vases from PVC Pipe via Mod Podge Rocks, is a sure smile manufacturer.



Cool PVC Pipe Mirror Idea

Cool PVC pipe mirror idea via Thrifty and Chic, make this one as simple and modern as you like.



Upcycling PVC Pipes Into Lamps

Upcycling PVC pipes into lamps via Upcycleus just a great idea.


Rotating Caddy

Rotating Craft Caddy Using PVC Pipes

Rotating craft caddy using PVC pipes via Reality Day Dream – make your own.


Sand and Water Table

Make PVC Pipe Sand Water Table

Make PVC pipe sand and water table via Frugal Fun 4 Boys, easy tutorial.


Water Gun

Garden Hose Water Gun for Hero Dads

Garden hose water gun for hero dads via Instructables.


Serving Station

Outdoor Patio Table Planter Vase and Serving Station

Outdoor patio table planter vase and serving station via Pretty Handy Girl.



Easy PVC Pipe Fort Tutorial

Easy PVC pipe fort tutorial via Angry Julie Monday.


Movie Screen

How To Make An Easy DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

How to make an easy DIY outdoor movie screen via The Shabby Creek Cottage.


Pots for Succulents

How to Make PVC Pots for Succulents

How to make PVC pots for succulents via Leigh Laurel Studios.


Outdoor Sprinkler

How To Make Outdoor Sprinkler From Pvc Pipes

How to make outdoor sprinkler from PVC pipes via Lindsay and Andrew.

12+ Most Brilliant DIY PVC Pipe Projects Anyone Can Make


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