Awesome Pergola Cover Ideas

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Your garden can be more beautiful and comfortable if you add a seating area. You will want to spend time with your family in the shade to enjoy the conversation. If you live in hot climates then you really need shelter from the sun. This can be a simple gazebo or a plastic canopy. But you can also look at various pergola cover ideas to combine plant and sun shelter. Many climbing plants grow very quickly. You only need to add a skeleton to guide their stems. These can be certain types of ivy or climbing roses. You can also choose healthy plants such as grapes.


Wood Pergola Types

Wood is also very popular for pergola cover creative ideas. It can be thin wooden plates that make up the frame. Add some rungs (wood or metal rods). These types of canopy can be square, oval and other geometry.

Wooden Pergola Cover Ideas

Try it yourself. This can be an arch with a bench or a full-fledged canopy for patio area.

Wooden Pergola Roof

Also try the following unusual but very trendy ideas:

  • Wooden frame for roses.
  • Semi-oval shape with oval posts.
  • Square construction with a plastic roof.
  • Rectangular frame with side inserts for flower pots.
  • Pergola with wooden mesh.


Pergola Covering with Leaves

The easiest way to make a pergola is to put up the stems of the climbing plants. This can be a different design frame. You can even stretch a sturdy rope between trees and create a base. Plants should be selected taking into account the size and density of the foliage and the growth rate. There are types of vines that grow quickly and do not lose their rich green color all year round.

Pergola Cover With Leaves

You can also take climbing roses, clematis, Lonicera brownii, Kampsis, Parthenocissus grapes and others. Fallopia aubertii can be called a favorite in many countries. This plant will be the perfect solution for creating a pergola. There are also more unpretentious plants that have leaves with a pointed tip with a bluish-light color.

Pergola Roof Ideas


Perfect Garden with Magnificent Pergola

Before making the pergola, study your area to find the right place. Such a frame can not only protect you from the sun on a hot day, but also become a hedge in garden design.

Pergola Cover For Summer

There are also some plants and flowers that like shade. If you want to create real coziness, then the pergola can be a little larger so that you put a table and a bench for relaxation.

Best Pergola Cover Ideas

Pergolas come in different heights to cover even larger areas with patios or barbecues. Browse the internet for pergola cover modern ideas to find the best fit for an affordable price. There are also many interesting DIY options you can make using cheap materials.

Cover For Gazebo

It is better to make a canopy in the garden considering the size of the street area. It is important not to create shade for light-loving flowers and plants. Also, study the features of the soil so that the frame does not fall through and does not tilt over time. There are many homemade designs available or you can buy ready-made lightweight installations.

Amazing Pergola Roof Ideas

Such options involve the assembly of a structure that has a net or crossbars. You guide the stems of the plant and they cover it with their leaves.

Covered Pergola Ideas

After a little time, you get not just an arch, but a full-fledged canopy that will allow you to hide from the sun or rain. These canopies can be made of wood or leaves. But there are also plastic frames, corrugated metal and fiberglass.


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