The Best Party Themes for 13 Year Old

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This special day is coming soon when your child turns 13-year old. Still not an adult, but already not small child. The bright period of adolescence, the desire for independence and freedom is coming. At this age, it is important to take into account the wishes and preferences of the hero of the occasion, you need to talk with him to how to make the best party for 13-year-old. So, while sitting and talking with your teen, ask him about the number of guests and their trends.

Teenage Birthday Ideas

Now there are many cafes and restaurants focused on celebrating the birthday of a teenager.
Movie Night Birthday Party
But before you spend birthday party there, better to look the program well. If you plan to celebrate at your house, should organize all activities by time, first check this list:

  1. First, will be congratulations;
  2. Second, some snack and cocktails;
  3. Games and activities, main food.

Teens Party Drinks

Nice to a have a birthday plan for 13-year-old, depends on season, for example, in summer pool party, in winter fantastic snow party, with snowman and snowflakes.
Pool Bithday Party for Teens
Honestly, there were many ideas, I have collected only a few of them that really impressed me.

Pool Birthday Party for Teens

If you have a swim pool, then throwing a big pool party in the summer would be a good idea. Kids will love it! Of course, high safety must be taken care of and life jackets must be available. For decor use beach items, pool accessories and add some natural things.
Pool Party for 13 Years Old
Take care about nice beach music, shine towels, and tasty seafood themed desserts.
Pool Bithday Party Cake


Spa Birthday Party for Teens

If your teen is a girl, good idea is to threw beautiful spa birthday party with face mask, makeup, color nails, and hairstyle.
Spa Party for Teens
Girls will love decorations in spa salon theme, all small spa items and natural soap with a pleasant scent. Please, here you may read more about kids spa party.
Bithday Party for 13 Years Old Girl


Pizza Birthday Party

Perfect idea teens can cook something themselves. Decorate birthday space in kitchen design and prepare all ingredients for tasty pizza.

Pizza Birthday Teens

So you will need ready pizza dough and place where to bake.

Pizza Birthday Party Ideas

For topping: mozzarella and tomatoes, and everything that you have sausage, ham, chicken, pepperoni, cheese, bel pepper and other. My tasty margherita homemade pizza recipe for teens party.


A Movie-Night Party For 13-Year-Old

This party idea is good for all ages. Decor all party aria with movie stickers, balloons and popcorn items, set up pizza, cupcakes and hot-dogs or burgers. You can bring sweet homemade popcorn.
Cinema Bithday Party
Provide a lot of snacks and create a cozy movie relax time.
Movie Night Party
If your teens prefer gaming, lets them play favorite games together. More information how to throw movie party.
Movie Night Party 13 Years Old
Finally, you can choose football themed, baseball birthday party for teenagers or superhero birthday.



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