Monkey Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Monkey Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Monkey birthday party is a great opportunity to make a bright and happy holiday. As you know, kids love animals, especially exotic inhabitants of distant countries.

The colour scheme of the holiday – yellow, brown and green. To decorate a room for the event, you should apply balloons, soft toys in the form of a monkey, its image.

Liana, palm trees and bananas also aid you to create the right atmosphere. Hang on the ceiling, walls and curtains toys, animal masks.

Best Monkey Themed Birthday Party Ideas


Monkey Birthday Party Decorations

Monkey Birthday Party Decorations

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As one of monkey birthday party ideas is a creating a tourist camp. You can utilize green drapery fabric, green balloons, posters with images of the jungle, a couple of artificial palm trees, etc. It will turn a bright, festive and comfortable area.


Monkey 1st Birthday Party

Monkey 1st Birthday Party Decorations

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The theme itself is open to children more new and interesting things and kids will be able to show off their knowledge.

At a girl monkey birthday party, kids can learn a lot about the wildlife of Africa and get an unforgettable experience.


Monkey Themed Birthday Party

Monkey Themed First Birthday Party

by No Biggie

During the holiday guys can play a lot of games like a “Crocodile”, when someone shows one animal, while others guess at this time.

Younger guests are happy to transform into animals – ask them to apply masks or drawings on a face and take part in the African quiz, offer to guests to divide into animals and tourists.

Arrange the search for missing animals, or play with the children in the “snake” when kids take each other’s hands, forming a chain, and leading members, describing a variety of shapes and overcoming obstacles.

One of entertainments could be small scenes from favourite cartoons of all children.


Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Monkey Birthday Party Frozen Chocolate Bananas

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The main treat for the little monkeys, of course – bananas. Also prepare fruit skewers, jellies, pastries, and cakes.


Monkey Birthday Party Cupcakes

Monkey Birthday Party Cupcakes

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Invitations as one of monkey birthday party supplies may be in the form of cards with a banana. They indicate the date and time of the event.

Monkey Themed Birthday Party Ideas


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