Small Backyard Pool Inspiration Ideas

Small Backyard Pool Inspiration Ideas

Small backyard pools for those, who are short on garden space

Small backyard pools are great for people, who live in limited backyard space conditions, but can’t abandon the dream of having your won pool at their place.

Pool Designs for Small Backyards
Pools in Small Backyards
Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

They aren’t enormously large, and they won’t fit a lot of people at the same time, but they’ll definitely satisfy the needs of a small family and will keep its members cool and fresh during the summer burnout.

Inground Pools for Small Backyards
Small Backyard Inground Pools
Small Above Ground Pools for Small Backyards

When it comes to various pool ideas for small backyard, custom shape and design planning plays the most important role, as you have to figure out how to squeeze a water basing in that small area and still make it spacious enough for people to enjoy spending their time in them.

Small Backyard Ideas with Pool
Small Backyard Pool Ideas
Small Backyards with Pools

That’s where non-traditional elongated or quite curvy shapes, combinations of essentially two water basins of different forms and depths will be quite handy.

Swimming Pools Small Backyards
Beautiful Pools for Small Backyards
Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

Pools in small backyards don’t have to be as tiny as most people think. If you decide to make the full use of the available space, you can transform the entire garden into the water basin area.

Small Backyard with Pool
Pools for Small Backyards
Small Backyard with Pool Landscaping Ideas

For instance, choose or hire a contractor to develop a plan and build a backyard-size water feature surrounded a nice wooden risen deck that would feature two stairways for people to get to the pool area from the front yard, as well as a deck-patio part to connect the back entrance with your basin.

Mini Pools for Small Backyards
Pool in Small Backyard
Small Backyard Pool Designs

Then, you’ll end up with quite spacious basin and really impressive landscape.

Swimming Pools for Small Backyards
Pool Ideas for Small Backyards
Small Pool Designs for Small Backyards
Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Backyard

You may also fall in love with inground pool designs for small backyards that include building quite spacious water basin instead of stone patio and lawn area (leaving just enough lawn space to set up sun beds and loungers) with a built-in shaded patio area right in the middle of the swimming basin.

Small Pools for Small Backyards
Pool Ideas for a Small Backyard
Pool for Small Backyard

You’ll feel like you’re at a luxurious villa resort while enjoying your dinner on that patio surrounded by water. And, you certainly won’t be able to resist the temptation to jump in it.


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