How to Make Leaf Prints with Kids

How to Make Leaf Prints with Kids 940x788

Autumn is a handsome time for fantastic DIY projects with kids. As for me, all time I loved this fallen leaves and wanted to make nice leaf prints DIY. Wouldn’t it be great if all  beautiful things around, home decor or Thanksgiving crafts for kids will be with prints leaf?

Materials to Make Leaf Prints


Easy Tips for Leaf Printing with Kids

One day we were in the Central Park with my son and bring home some golden, yellow leaves.

They had nice smell, so juicy autumn colors and beckoned to play. And now I start to tell my secret tips how to make leaf prints:

  1. Better of all to use acrylic paint.
  2. Special heavier weight paper – nice addition for this project to provide more lasting design.
  3. Many times I make art project with thin brushes, and I’m sure that is the right choice.

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Materials to Make Leaf Prints

That you need to make paper leaf prints:

  • White paper – we used this time heave paper, but you can use also simple computer paper
  • acrylic paints in different colors: orange, red, yellow, brown, and green
  • paint brushes
  • fallen leaves of different size and form.

Paint Leaf Prints
Fast Leaf Prints

How to Make Leaf Prints with Kids

  1. First, just walk with your kids and collect some nice fall leaves. Enjoy autumn, play and jump in leaf piles!
  2. It is very good if leaves are various in shapes.
  3. After this relaxing time, come back home and prepare the table and all things that you need for painting. As for me, this time I don’t use table cover, because I have one perfect plastic top table in my balcony.
  4. Put all leaves, paper and paints on the table.
  5. Protect the close of your kids if it’s necessary.
  6. Turn leaf on another side and give to paint your kids.
  7. Good for your craft to mix different colors on one leaf.
  8. Gently turn the leaves side down and press down on the paper with your fingers.
  9. Help your child to carefully lift the leaf from the paper.
  10. Are your ready, for this?  So, gorgeous and sunny leaf print you have created.
  11. Let them dry before moving.

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Tips for Leaf Printing on Paper
Make Leaf Prints Art

Easy Leaf Prints DIY

One fac about me: my birhday is in November 24. So I prefer wonderful and soft days with little bit of coldness.  Do you want more creative fun? Just check this Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers.

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