Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Ideas

Make your working place comfortable with kitchen sink lighting

Kitchen sink lighting is very important, because here you spend much time when you cook something. So, it should make your presence here comfortable and not bad for the health.

Single Pendant Light Glass

Pendant Lights over Kitchen Sink

The cook-room has its own microclimate, which makes it impossible to use standard lamps here. There are some special aspects of this room, which should be taken into account when choosing the illumination:

  • presence of sudden temperature changes;
  • high humidity;
  • high level of pollution.

Kithen Sink Light
Kithen Light over the Table
Kitchen Light over Sink

There are two types of over kitchen sink lighting:

  1. Upper or overhead illumination. It is implemented with the help of several types of lamps. This may be a small chandelier or a few spotlights. All variants of fixtures can be also combined if the size of the room is big enough. In recent years, led-lights are used extensively, because they can be easily installed by hand.
  2. Local illumination. Such above kitchen sink lighting is mounted at the bottom of kitchen-cupboards. LED-tape and built-in spotlights can be used here.

Kitchen Over Sink Lighting
Lighting over Kitchen Sink
Over Sink Kitchen Lighting

The illumination for cook room should also satisfy next the requirements. First of all they should have a high level of moisture protection. For proper functioning in the conditions of high humidity, the rate of water-resistance shouldn’t be less than IP 65/66.

Light for over Kitchen Sink

Lamps should have good level of protection from mechanic damages. The housing of the lamp should withstand cleaning detergents.

Lights over Kitchen Sink

There is also a great variety of autonomous light fixtures, which are mounted on special clothes pegs and can be used anywhere you need. It is very convenient and easy way to add more light.

Kitchen Lighting over Sink
Kitchen Pendant Light Over Sink

As a light source for kitchen lighting over sink all types of light bulbs can be used: LED, fluorescent, halogen and even incandescent lamps. But it is worth to remember that each lamp has both merits and demerits and it is necessary to get to know about them, before buying lamp for cook room.


Kitchen table lighting is an integral part of the room

The aim of the kitchen table lighting is to create a special atmosphere and mood for the meal.

Modern Lighting over Dinning Table

Lights above Kitchen Table
Kitchen Table Lighting Ideas
Lighting Fixtures For Kitchen Table

The choice of the lamp depends on the placement of the table: at the wall or in the middle of the room. In the first case, the most popular variant is a large hanging lamp with a beautiful lampshade, which should be located above the center of the desk top.

Kitchen Hanging Lights Over Table
Light Wood Kitchen Table Sets

It is an ideal choice if the length of the lamp post can be regulated. The optimum height from the bulb to the surface is about 1.5 meters.

Kitchen Table Lighting 2022
the Perfect Dining Room Light Fixture

If you raise it the illumination in the dining area will be bright and festive; if you move it down the illumination will be cozy and comfortable. Anyway, it is necessary to remember that the light shouldn’t strike the eyes of the people who seat at the table.

Light Fixtures Over Kitchen Table
Kitchen Table Light Fixtures

When choosing lighting over kitchen table, you should pay special attention to the material of the lampshade. Do not buy a chandelier made of fabric lampshade, because it gets dirty easy and it is difficult to clean it. Glass or plastic cover is much more practical.

Light Fixtures Over Kitchen Table

If you don’t like large lusters, there are many kitchen table lighting ideas for your taste and wallet.

Kitchen Light Over Table

Several nice hanging lamps with little lampshades is a good variant too. If the desk is round or square you can use only one fixture and if the shape of the desk is oval or rectangular you should use 2 or 3 fixtures. They can be hung up in a pack or one can spread them along the central axis of the desk at a equal distance from each other.

Pendant Light Over Kitchen Table

Wall lamp or spotlight can be used when the kitchen desk stands at the wall. But such kind of illumination has some disadvantages, because it leaves the part of the place in the shade. It doesn’t suit to nay design of the room.

Lighting Over Kitchen Table
Hanging Light Over Kitchen Table

It greatly scatters the light, so the chosen place can be illuminated insufficiently. Track lightning system is an appropriate idea for kitchen lights over table too.


The aim and usage of recessed kitchen lighting

Recessed kitchen lighting is widely used today, but they have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of such light fixtures is that they allow to make the light more equal, scattered and mild. LED and halogen highlighting is very economical and the installation of spotlights with the possibility of switching them only where you need it at the moment, for example, in the work area when you are cooking, saves energy.

Kitchen Recessed Lighting Design
Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Spotlights can direct the light wherever you want, so with the help of recessed lighting in kitchen you can show the advantages and hide disadvantages of the room – low ceiling can be visually lifted and narrow room can be expanded. In addition, you can use one-coloured or multicoloured bulbs, creating an unusual design and separating zones of the room.

Recessed Led Lights for Kitchen
Kitchen Recessed Lighting Design

According to the type of mounting recessed lighting for kitchen can be divided into: set in, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires. The first type can be used only for suspended ceiling (stretch, drywall, lathed). Surface-mounted luminaires can be also installed on an ordinary concrete ceiling, as there is a special mounting plate for the screws on the basis of it.

Recessed Lighting Kitchen Layout
Placement Of Recessed Lights In Kitchen

There are some important kitchen recessed lighting ideas and recommendations which should be taken into account when organizing the illumination of the cook-room. To create the main illumination spotlights should be located at a minimum distance of 30-40 cm from each other. A distance from the angle of the wall should be 20 cm. There is a special formula: one 20 watt lamp should be placed per 1 square meter.

Recessed Lighting in Kitchen
Recessed Led Kitchen Ceiling Lights

If you plan to use the bulbs of more than 20 watt, so you can lessen their quantity. Using the recessed illumination, one can easily change the perception of the space. Its aim is to make the comfortable, calm and pleasant for spending time here.


Advantages of track lighting kitchen

Track lighting kitchen is the system of lamp, which are fixed on current-conducting rails a complete with 3 or 4-phase adapter.

Types of Kitchen Track Lights

Track lighting for kitchen is becoming more and more popular, because it has many advantages:

  1. Allows you to change the design of the room illumination, because the luminaires can be freely moved and fixed in any position or direction. The turning angle is up to 360.
  2. It can be used on different types of ceiling.
  3. Lamps are made in the format for commercial use (from 35W) and for the illumination of the apartment low-wattage lamps).
  4. Do not heat up.
  5. Variety of colours and shapes, which allows to make interesting and unusual design of the cook room.

Modern Kitchen Track
Led Track Lighting For Kitchen

The track lights for kitchen have different mounting options to focus the light in a way that you need. Corner, cross-shaped and T-shaped connectors will provide you with hundreds of possible configurations.

Kitchen Track Lighting Ideas
Kitchen Track Lighting Fixtures
There are elements with an improved focus, which are equipped with lamps with a smooth surface for work lighting and other types of general and decorative light. There are many systems, which also provide adapters for hanging lamps.

Pendant Track Lighting for Kitchen
Modern Track Lighting for Kitchen

After you have chosen the necessary track lighting for kitchen ceiling, place them in such a way so that they do not shine into your eyes. Do not install them on the same line with a sink and other work surfaces: Your head will obscure the light.

Track Lights in Kitchen
Best Track Lighting for Kitchens

Instead of it, place them on the side and direct the light to the desired area. Fix them in such a way, so that they do not prevent you from opening and closing the doors of the upper cabinets. Since the track system is always in sight, choose the one that complements the overall look and general design of the cook room.


How to improve the comfort with dining light fixtures assistance

The appropriate dislocation of dining light fixtures can help to improve the comfort for homeowners. Also, this is an important marker for demarcation of zones inside the kitchen block.

Contemporary Light Fixtures for Dining Room
Contemporary Dining Room Light Fixtures

Traditionally the kitchen and dining-room function together. However, they have the clear division for cooking, storage and nutrition zones. Each of them requires the certain level of lighting. For example, the cooking or working zone needs some sources of the light while dining area can be muted to create a romantic atmosphere.

Rectangular Dining Room Light Fixture
Rectangular Light Fixture for Dining Rooms

The golden rule of safe cooking is using not only general ceiling lighters. The Chip&Dale for homegrown cook will be long fluorescent lamps. It’s better if they have extendable legs. This will help to position it in the right place.

Dining Room Ceiling Light Fixtures
Dining Room Light Fixtures Modern

Don’t forget about halogen bulbs. You can use them to provide the qualitative illumination in the pointed areas. And the cupboards or walls are the best positions for contemporary dining room light fixtures.Sometimes the lighting scheme depends on other important factors.

Contemporary Lighting Fixtures for Dining Room
Dining Room Table Lighting Fixtures

Take attention to the dislocation of the table. The artificial source of light is obligatory despite the distance to the wall. But if the table is close to the window, it’s reasonable to install the wall illumination. If the table is situated in the middle of the kitchen, we recommend choosing the tripod or multi-lamp chandeliers.The new trend is a rectangular light fixture for the dining room.

Modern Light Fixtures for Dining Room

Dining room lamps and lighting regulations

Dining room lamps helps to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere during meals. General lighting in any apartment, as a rule, is formed by a combination of natural and artificial lighting.

Floor Lamps Dining Room Dining Room Lamps Ikea

Of course, the sun’s rays never be superfluous, but in the refectory are not so fundamentally important – no one works there. The most responsible position in the kitchen is a cooking area and in thedining room or living room – a furniture where the family gathers for evening meal and socializing.

Floor Lamps for Dining Room

Dining room table lamps have the main task – to allocate the table from the general background of the interior.General light could not be in the refectory. If for other apartments such coverage is the main, in the cantina the main role is played local lighting. The number of fixtures and their placement depend on the area of the apartment, the layout of other pieces of furniture.There are several basic options for lighting:

            • When the table is in the center of the refectory, the illuminator is traditionally attached to the ceiling above the table. In the dining area, to the ceiling above the table, often hung a single lamp (it can be metal, cloth or from thread);
            • If the table is not in the center (off-center or installed near the wall), in which case you can use spotlights, floor illuminators or high “floating light”.

Floor Lamps for Dining Room

Floor lamps for dining room with several small bulbs, create a cozy ambience, under this option, the light from illuminators will not get into eyes of guests. Often in such cases, use pendant lights pointing down at the table, with little shade and a little power.

Lamps Plus Dining Room Chandeliers

Modern dining room lamp as like a chandelier with chandeliers or illuminators in the form of electric candles, hanging chandeliers, pedestal with wax candles or decorative counterparts .The level at which illuminators and fixtures are installed in the cantina, depends on the power of lamps. If the light source is weak, it should be closer to the desk.


The varieties of modern kitchen lighting

The modern kitchen lighting has a lot of varieties and ways of its implementation. They make the outer space more comfortable and spacy due to extraordinary designer solutions or similarity with classic chandeliers.

Modern Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Island

Some of them look like antique lamps. These are rectangular outdoor devices which you could see in action movies dedicated to 19th century or paintings of that period. They contain a space for a single candle or an electric bulb of sufficient power. The items like this are often created by handmade manufacturers using natural safe materials.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting
Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Some designer’s modern kitchen lighting ideas have an antique base. Multiple manufacturers from around the world include the antique elements to the construction of contemporary lamp.

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

The clear example is hanging lamps with inner antique brass finish rubbed by hand. Such lamp will be the best addition to the kitchen performed in the European style.

Modern Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Lighting

You can visually enlarge the light power using the mirror balls. They are inspired by space helmets. Their base is polycarbonate globe covered with thin layer of pure metal. Such balls are similar to Christmas tree toys so they will be the best solution for restaurants.

Modern Lighting For Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

There a lot of another modern lighting for kitchen varieties. Their choice depends on some factors like space and colour scheme of the kitchen, style elements and a number of people who use it. But the most important factor is the budget. So choose the right solution which will emphasize your taste and design vision.


Rustic kitchen lighting peculiarities

The rustic kitchen lighting may be a perfect way to transform your adobe in a picturesque cabin or lodge, which is very nice in the asphalt jungle. The rural style is like a piece of nature in the house.

Rustic Island Lights for Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Island Lights

It is especially important in a quick movement of the urban life. The majority of families use this room for cooking, eating, relaxing, and dealing with their relations. So long as the rural interior is very cozy and warm, it became sought-after last years, and rustic kitchen lighting fixtures are wonderful addition to the style.

Rustic Modern Kitchen Lighting
Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

The thing to keep in mind is that the fixtures should complement furniture and decoration. Organize the whole area in one trend. Take into account the size of the room. Chandeliers fit better to big kitchens than lamps and lanterns.

Rustic Pendant Lighting Kitchen Island
Rustic Island Lighting Kitchen

They give a classy feel, especially with candle-shaped lampshades. Island lights or scones provide a task illumination and good as for big so for small cook’s room. Rustic kitchen ceiling lights suit to low ceilings. If you have a large area and a high ceiling, think over a tiered chandelier.

Rustic Kitchen Ceiling Lights
Pendant Lights Rustic Kitchen

What are the main features of the rural style? They are simplicity and functionality. Country fittings are not for ornament reasons; they must to perform their direct function – illumination. In general, rustic kitchen lighting ideas consist in creating a sense of nature indoor.

Rustic Kitchen Pendant Lighting
Modern Rustic Kitchen Lighting

That is why, they are often made of natural raw materials: wrought iron, wood, real and faux antlers, rawhide etc. Wood that is not polished fully has a fresh look. Aged copper, brass, and iron add some antiquity. Old-fashioned glass bulbs take to the past.

Rustic Copper Kitchen Lighting
Incredible Farm Country Kitchen With Black Rustic Pendant Ligh

The rural design is concentrated on the simplicity: lampshades and frames of modest and laconic lines, with no fancifulness or brilliance, have their own peculiarity. But there is a special charm in this restraint.


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