How to Keep Pool Cover from Sagging?

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My dear friends, if you already tired of sagging winter covers, I understand you. Me too, I’m tired from all these dirty and fallen leaves in my pool. So, good idea to know how it is possible to keep pool cover from sagging and mess.

Use Pool Cover

Of course, one of the most useful ways is to keep the center of the pool cover higher than the edges and put some heavy objects on the edges.


Why Pool Cover is Sagging?

I want to tell you guys, about my problem last winter. So, last year I lived with my family in Long Island in NY, winter was snowy. In few words, our pool cover firstly sagged, and then completely burst. And happened it everything, because we didn’t remove the snow every day!

How to Keep Pool Cover from Snow

My easy 3 tips to save your pool cover in the winter:

  1. It is nice to clear all snow of pool cover as fast, as its possible, because it’s really heavy and strain pool material.
  2. If you are using a cover that is designed to cover a pool full of water, keep an eye on the water level.
  3. If you installed your pool cover wrong, it will be loose near the edges and leave some point for water.


Easy Ways to Save Pool Cover from Sagging

First, we started to put heavy objects to keep our cover edges in right place.

Pool Covers Ideas

If you saw, that your cover for pool sagged my advice you should fix it immediately to prevent it from worsening.  Better, to fix it in earlier stage where the damage is easy rectify.

How to Cover Pool for Winter

Start to use water bags for swim pool cover. It should be like a three-quarters full pool.

Special Pool Cover

Open umbrella above your pool cover is also nice idea to save pool from rain and snow( goog for small swimming pool). Build a small frame in the center of the pool to help keep the pool cover flat.

How to Protect Pool Cover

This year we will try to use portable pool cover. It also help to prevent pool cover sagging. Portable covers much easier and good to moving.

Automatic Covers Pool

How to Keep Pool Cover

Finally, guys I wrote just some methods, that I tried or want to try.

Pool Cover Ideas

There are a lot of other ways to keep pool cover from sagging. Honestly, we’re thinking how to insulate the pool for the winter. There a lot of various pool, if you are still looking for it, check this Pool Ideas.


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