How to Keep Your Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Away

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Many people have their own gardens and outdoor areas so they want to make this place as beautiful as possible. There are some methods how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing wind, and many of them are not expensive. Any decorative elements will make the atmosphere in the courtyard more comfortable. We add pots, flowers, gazebos, patios, barbecues or fireplaces.

You can also add statues or add pretty light curtains. But with the arrival of coolness, the climate gives the wind and your curtains swell in all directions. It can be harmless, but if there are plants or other decorations nearby, the curtains will catch and knock it over.


Easy Methods to Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing Wind

Have you noticed that your curtains quickly get dirty because they don’t fly everywhere during the wind. Most often, it is a very light material and many people choose white or other light colors. It looks very nice and romantic without the wind. We found some simple ways to make the curtains heavier so they wouldn’t fly even in the windiest weather.

How to Keep Curtains from Blowing

In summer, the wind may not be strong, but curtains will fly and prevent you from enjoying your breakfast at a table next to them.

Try the following tips on keeping outdoor curtains from blowing:

  • If gazebo curtains have links at the bottom, then add a decorative garden chain there. Thread the links through the rings and pull this all the way down;
  • For heaviness, take fishing weights. There are different weights for this, find a heavier type. The fishing weights have holes and discreetly sew this to the bottom of the curtains;
  • Pull the curtains down so that they lie on the floor and attach regular stones on top. It can look interesting and your seating area will resemble a tent;
  • If your curtains are patio decorations then cut openings inside them. This will allow air flow to pass through the curtains and there will be no parachute effect.


Types of Drapery Weights for Garden Curtains

To keep yard curtains from blowing wind, don’t look for simple home remedies. Just  find special drapery weights sold in bulk.

These can be clips, snaps, or magnetic circles that keep the curtains from being blown away by the wind. The advantages of such accessories are their interesting design that does not violate the structure of the fabric.

Save Curtains From Wind

For example, like sewing on fishing weights. Drapery weights come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so its possible quickly find the right design.


Drapery Weights DIY

If you want to keep garden curtains from blowing, then come up with your own ideas. You can take all kinds of heavy things. You definitely want to make a beautiful decor.

Gazebo Curtains in Wind

The bag will be the base, and put small stones or something else there. No need to put dirt or sand in the bag. If it gets wet, dirt will flow onto the curtains. If you thought the sand then the bag should be securely closed (polyethylene zip or plastic).

Good idea, to make little gnomes for Christmas. Place the bags inside and attach to the curtains. This can be done at the bottom along the border or distributed randomly over the canvas. As a daily option,  create forms of the stars, balloons, flowers, and so on.


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