How to Save Your Patio Furniture From Blowing With Simple Weights

How to Save Your Patio Furniture From Blowing With Weights 940x788

Your garden furniture can be made of heavy material, but more often these are lightweight wicker types. Most growers choose rattan because it is the best solution for temperature extremes and strength. If your region is very windy, then you need to create a weight for your garden furniture. Simple patio furniture weights save any table or chair from flying away.  Also, your umbrella in the pool area can fly away to neighbors and this will be very unpleasant.


Ways to Keep Patio Furniture from Wind Blowing

There are six simple ways to protect your garden furniture from being blown away.

Save Patio Furniture From Blowing

These ways are not expensive, but some of them are very simple. You can bring your furniture into your home when the wind gets stronger.

Umbrella Weights

But what to do if you are not at home and you left outdoor equipment in the backyard.

The best paths would be as follows:

  • Initially, you can buy furniture made from a heavier material to keep it stable. This decision is made by people from windy regions because they know the peculiarities of their climate;
  • Grow a wall out of the wind. This can be a wicker rose bush, ivy, and others near garden furniture. Such a wall will block the air currents and make them less strong;
  • Buy heavy stands, for example, for an umbrella;
  • Stack your garden chairs on top of each other. This will add patio outside furniture weights to them even if they are made of rattan;
  • There is a special gel called earthquake. This material is applied to the furniture legs, hardens and becomes dense. This weighting method is very popular in Japan and some Asian countries;
  • Save your furniture with elastic ropes. Strong winds can move them, but the whole structure will not fly away.


Weights for Patio Furniture

It is best to buy heavy garden furniture, but we want to make the patio territory perfect, so we often look at the design rather than the material. There are even plastic models that look perfect and you won’t be sorry to replace them in case of breakage. Weighting the furniture is an additional complexity that comes with time.

Keep Patio Furniture Wind Blowing

A few windy days and you pick up cracked and chipped furniture. It is best to use additional weighting agents such as a gel. But there are simpler options, such as metal sticks. You can create patio furniture weight elements as a base and attach it to the legs. Another solution is to have a separate type of flooring where you can bolt all furniture legs to the floor.


How to Save Patio from a Wind

The patio area is a place to relax, so you want to be comfortable at all times. There are problems that can disturb the comfort in such a territory. For example, weather conditions. Wind can disrupt the arrangement of things and knock down garden furniture. You come to your backyard or patio and all the chairs are scattered in the corners, bumping tables and breaking vases. And you are looking for all kinds of ways for gazebo furniture weights.

Patio Furniture Weights

Protect it with a door or an extra faux wall.

Protect Patio Furniture From Wind With Tent Pop Up

Patios often do not have all the walls closed, but you can make an imitation of any material. Also, be attentive to food, small things and other elements that can be damaged not only by the wind but also by garden rodents.


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