Best Gazebo Flooring Ideas for Relax

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Open space significantly limits the choice of means and methods of gazebo flooring ideas. The material for the floor must be waterproof, resistant to hot and cold, and withstand high traffic. In addition, if there is a stove or fireplace in the pergola. I advise using non-combustible materials for the floor that will not suffer from accidental falling of coal or sparks and will not cause a fire.

Best Floor For Your Gazebo

I have prepared a few tips for you which will help you choose the most suitable option for the floor.


What is the Best Gazebo Floor?

First, I’ll list the best pergola flooring ideas:

  • Wood. The most popular, cheapest, and easiest material to process. The wood is not expensive but the wooden floor will last a very long time;
  • The flagstone floor for the gazebo has high strength, a rough non-slip surface, and is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Flagstone does not burn. It is quite simple to lay it with your own hands, but the work is painstaking. It takes time and preliminary preparation of the surface;

Flagstone Floor For Gazebo

  • Rubber pavers. This is a good option, as the rubber pavers have a soft and non-slip surface that is comfortable for walking.


Wood Pallet Flooring for Pergola

Wood is an environmentally friendly material that is perfect for laying the floor in a gazebo. The wooden floor is usually installed on logs. Boards adjusted to the size are nailed to the logs or screwed with self-tapping screws.

Wood Floring Gazebo

It is better to take a thick board for laying the floor, 25-30 mm thick, so that the floor does not sag under the weight of people and furniture. In addition, after the finishing of laying boards, I advise you to cover the wood with antiseptic and fire-retardant protection, and then with varnish or paint to protect the floor from burning out and decay.

Wooden Floor Gazebo Small

An interesting option is to lay tree cuts instead of a board and fill the gaps between them with special mortar.


Flagstone Floor

If you decide to cover the floor in the gazebo with flagstone, first you need to pay special attention to preparing the surface.

Gazebo Type Of Floor

For this you need:

  • Remove about 20 cm of soil;
  • Cover the prepared surface with a layer of sand 3-5 cm;
  • On top of the sand, it is necessary to put a layer of fine gravel 3-5 cm;
  • Another layer of thin dry cement sand will be required;
  • After the surface is completely ready, you should lay the tiles tightly.


How to Use Rubber Pavers for Gazebo

Rubber pavers are another good flooring idea. You can make the floor from rubber pavers by yourself. The process will not take much time and will not cause difficulties. Rubber pavers are considered environmentally friendly, frost-resistant, highly durable, and flexible, perfectly hiding surface imperfections. It is worth purchasing pavers with special fixings. It will provide a reliable connection of elements that will not move under loads.

Rubber Pavers Gazebo Floor

The process of laying rubber pavers is no different from laying flagstone. After preparing the soil and laying the rubber tiles, you need to tamp each element with a special rubber hammer. Small joints you can fill with sand. To strengthen the floor in the pergola, I recommend installing concrete curbs at the edges so the floor will not lose its shape in time.

Wood Gazebo

It’s up to you to decide which outdoor flooring ideas are better for your. Choose one of the tips I have proposed, follow the basic recommendations so that the floor in your beatiful pergola will look attractive and last for many years.


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