How to Use Your Snowblower Effectively in Wet Snow?

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It is difficult to imagine a winter without blizzards and snowfalls. On the one hand, snow pleases and brings a lot of positive emotions, on the other hand, snowdrifts complicate movement. And sleet can bring even more unpleasant surprises. With a snowblower you can quickly clear snow from your yard. But cleaning wet snow has some special nuances. Keep reading for 4 my best tips on how to use a snowblower in wet snow with 4 my best tips on.


You Should Choose the Right Kind of Snowblower

There are different kinds of snowblowers. But the most important thing that distinguishes one machine from another is how it works.

Can i Use Snow Blower Wet Snow

There are two main types of household snowblowers:

  • Single-stage snowblowers work slowly and have low productivity. Such a machine is suitable for dry snow, the layer of which does not exceed 20 cm. The auger is located close to the surface and turns very quickly to remove and throw snow to the side.
  • Two-stage snowblowers have high working productivity. The auger captures the snow, which is processed by the vane into a snow-air mass. Only after that, the snow is thrown aside through a special chute. Two-stage snowblowers in wet snow are very good and have a long throwing distance (up to 15 m).


Cover the Chute of Snowblower

If you are going to use a snowblower in wet snow, be sure to coat the chute of it with something slippery. Because when cleaning, wet snow gets knocked into lumps that stick to the chute.

If too much snow accumulates on the chute, the snowblower will not work properly. That is why, before you start cleaning wet snow, be sure to cover the chute. So that ice and snow will not stick to the surface.

Best Snow Blower

If, after all, the snowblower chute is clogged with snow, never clean it with your hands. Use special tools for this or wait for the snow to melt. Don’t forget that the machine contains moving parts. So even if the snowblower is turned off, don’t clear it with your hands.


Make it Fast

If you are going to use a snowblower in wet snow, I do not suggest that you move quickly. This is a surefire way to clog it. If you move too fast, you may still be able to clear the snow from your backyard very quickly. But it will take even more time to clean the chute. Also, do not forget that such use has a bad effect on the general state of mechanisms. So do not be surprised if your new snowblower suddenly fails.

Use Snowblower In Wet Weather

If there is really a lot of snow and it is wet, you should move the snowblower as slowly as possible in half a step. In cases when the snow cover is thin, you can try walking five feet and wait for the chute to discharge the accumulated snow. Also, sometimes I use the two-push technique demonstrated by John Pearson. If you just recently bought a snowblower, try all the techniques and find the one that works best for you.


Easy Ways to Clear Snowblower from Wet Snow

If the auger and impeller are working, but the snow does not fly out of the chute, this means that it is clogged. First, take the front of the snowblower and lift it a few centimeters off the ground. Shake the body well or lightly hit it on the ground to crumble the snow. If it doesn’t work out to clean the gutter from wet snow and ice, use a special spatula only after turning off the device.

Snow Blowing Wet Snow

Clearing wet snow is very difficult. But if you use my tips, the task will be simplified as muc as possible and you will use your snowblower for many years without fail.


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