How to Prepare Roses for Winter

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It is difficult to find a gardener who does not grow roses. You will always find at least a few species in almost any garden and backyard. But people in cold climates also love roses and find great ways how to prepare roses for winter. In summer and autumn, you can enjoy wonderful shrubs or delicate stems with lush, fragrant flowers.


These stunning flowers come in many types and varieties, so you will always find something unique for your outdoor area. There are large, miniature, bush and other types.


How to Prepare Roses for Winter in Cold Region

Not all types of roses need shelter for the winter. Tea, Chinese and Bourbon flowers bloom early and the wood is fully ripe before winter.

Rose bush Prepare for Winter

This allows the bushes to be ready for frost, which will not harm the roses even in severe frosts.

Roses Winter Protection

Other types need protection because the frost can kill them.

  • First, you need to understand if your roses are ready for winter. Look at the sprouts; they should be green, not red. The red color means that the roses are in a period of active growth and are not ready for winter;
  • Secondly, if you have a branched rose, then at the beginning of November you need to remove the leaves from the shoots. They will die off and rot, destroying the structure of the dormant processes;
  • Thirdly, on miniature roses and some hybrids, all leaves do not need to be cut off. Remove only half, and large-flowered types can be trimmed by a third.

To prepare your roses for winter, you need to finish watering in mid-September so that the ground can dry out before winter. This is also done to prevent new branches from growing on the stems. Dry soil will protect the roots from fungal and bacterial rot.


Roses Tree Protection in Winter

Now you need to think about how to prepare rose bushes for winter so that the frost does not harm them. The best material is snow that needs to be tamped. If there is little snow, then collect it and put it around the rose. You can also use spruce branches or spruce sawdust. Some gardeners cover roses with leaves.

Winterize Rose Bushes

But here it is important to choose dry leaves that are free of pests. Collect the leaves in late fall and place around the stem.

Sawdust Mulch Cover Roses

Of course, there is purchased material to protect the bushes in frost. The most affordable are lutrasil, spanboard or agrotex.


How to Prepare Potted Roses from Cold

If your roses grow in pots, then you can take them into the house. But you need to choose the right time for them to survive the winter at rest. Do not rush to carry them into the house in the fall because they continue to bloom. Don’t forget to water your rose bushes in the fall. When the soil in the pot is dry again, do it once more. To prepare potted roses for winter, you need to cut off dead and dry leaves. After the leaves have completely fallen, you can water your rose one last time.

How to Prepare Potted Roses for Winter

The pots can be moved to a shed or garage, but at the beginning of frost, so that the plant is completely “asleep”.

Winter Roses Prepare

You can store roses in pots in the basement. If you plan to bring the pots into the house, add a layer of mulch to the top of the soil (the layer needs to be made about 10 centimeters). Water your sleeping roses every month or 2 times a month. This will keep the roots in good condition. There is no need a lot of water, otherwise the roots will start to rot. Check please, how to prepare your garden for cold weather in me other posts!

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