Ice Cream Crafts for Summer Time

Ice Cream Crafts for Summer Time

Is there anybody who doesn’t like ice cream? If there is, it’s an alien, for sure. The idea of ice cream crafts came to me on one hot day when my kids begged for some cold dessert. I thought it would be exciting for children not only to eat, but also to make an article that looks like ice cream. Some of them can be wonderful accessories for older children, too. For example as a key ring or a charm.

The most common idea is to work with plasticine or plaster. As well, children like a lot pom-pom items of colorful thread. They are nice, soft and safe toys. OK, look at more detailed description and don’t eat the crafts! Some of them are too real!


Fun and Creative Ice Cream Craft for Kids

Clay Popsicle Charms

Colorful Craft Clay Popsicle Charms Tutorial

Make your own awesome little popsicle charms out of polymer clay by Make Life Lovely. Just think about adding them to like like backpack clips or key rings.


Bubble Wrap Ice Cream Craft

Bubble Wrap Ice Cream Craft

This is such an easy ice cream craft project, that uses both bubble wrap prints and puffy paint. It’s fun summer craft for preschoolers by Crafty Kids at Home.


Ice Cream Handprint Craft

Ice Cream Handprint Craft Idea

Idea via A Little Pinch of Perfect, you’ll get tons of compliments on your finished product! It’s so easy to make and so cute!


Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones

Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones Fun Crafts

Fun craft by In the Playroom using recycled materials to create your own little sprinkled ice cream cones. Kids will really love this cute diy.

To make it you need just:

  • Cones from egg box;
  • 1 small egg box for the tray;
  • Cotton wool balls;
  • Pom poms in colors variety;
  • Glue gun.


5 Minute DIY Ice Cream Cone Tees

5 Minute Diy Ice Cream Cone Tees For Kids

Original inspiration via Hello Wonderful.

Materials you need:

  1. Tees or tanks;
  2. Decal transfer paper;
  3. Sheet or pillowcase;
  4. Iron.


Salt Dough Ice Creams Colorful Craft

Salt Dough Ice Creams Colorful Craft

Super fun tutorial which inspiring to make your own by Lets do Something Crafty. And by the way all you need is salt, flour, water, acrylic paint, PVA glue and yarn.


Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft

Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft

This project by Easy Peasy and Fun can be used as a party decoration. For sure kids will get creative when it comes to making their own craft.


Ice Cream Cone Garland

Ice Cream Cone Garland Fun Crafts

Make fun garland craft by Growing up Gabel, out of yarn and paper for a festive summer decoration.


Paper Ice Creams for Kids

Paper Ice Creams Fun Crafts

Kids will scream for ice cream craft with these creative idea by Mr Printables.


Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones Craft

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones Craft for Kids

Needed materials by Crafty Morning:

  • Paint and glue;
  • Shaving cream;
  • Cardstock paper and scissors;
  • Marker and paintbrush.


Salt Dough Ice Lollies

Salt Dough Ice Lollies Crafts for Summer Time

These salt dough grip to the sticks so that the end result is ice-lollies. This summer time project idea by Lets Do Something Crafty. Except of salt dough and wooden sticks, you’ll need: mod podge, acrylic paint and some glitter.


Paper Popsicles

Paper Popsicles for Imaginative Play Crafts

For imaginative play crafts via Be a Fun Mum. Try to paint it with watercolors as well, which will make it quick and mess free.


Ice Cream Cones Crafts for Kids

Imaginative Play Crafts Pretend Ice Creams Cones

Imaginative play pretend via Along Came Cherry.


Hama Bead Ice Lollies Crafts for Kids

Hama Bead Designs Easy Ice Lollies Crafts for Summer

For this idea by Lets Do Something Crafty all you need is a heart shaped mat. I thin this craft is one of the easiest from my selection.


Pom Pom Ice Cream

Make Pom Pom Ice Cream Garland

Craft by Pysselbolaget are just so easy to make and look adorable on display. Drape them across a mantle or string around a plant, for sure you’ll find even more styling options.


DIY Potato Stamped Ice Cream Bag

Diy Potato Stamped Ice Cream Bag For Kids

Cool down your summer as you create a stamped ice cream bag by Hello Wonderful. You can make all sorts of fun shapes with just potatoes!

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Any canvas bag;
  2. Paint and brushes;
  3. Knife;
  4. Potatoes.


16+ Fun and Colorful Ice Cream Crafts for Summer Time


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