How to Grow and Care for Ginger Indoor

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Many people know ginger as a medicinal herb or spice. But you can grow it as a decorative item. Ginger root is very useful for viral diseases, motion sickness, and for weight loss. All parts of this plant give a subtle lemon aroma so it is not only beautiful but also pleasant. To grow ginger indoor is not difficult, as any plant it requires care. But I wouldn’t call it too finicky. Simple tips and tricks will help you to grow it even at home. And an adult plant can reach almost 1 meter in height.


How to Plant Ginger Inside

You need to find a healthy, clean root free of dark spots and disease. It is important to select parts of the root where there are at least 2 live cobs (like a potato). If you find a dried root, then put it in water to make it “come to life” a little. I have read that sometimes the root can sprout even in water if left in a warm place.

Steps to Grow Ginger

To plant ginger indoor, choose a spot on or near a window. The best time for planting is early spring. Take a larger pot and place the root in the soil with the ears facing up. You do not need to insert it deep into the soil, cover the sprouts by at least 2 cm. It is important to remember good drainage because ginger does not like stagnant water in the soil. If the water stagnates, the root system will start to rot and your plant will die. By the way, you can grow a lots of plants and herbs indoor.


How to Grow Ginger in Pots

Watering during the first sprouts should be kept to a minimum, just make sure that the soil does not dry out. When the first shoots have appeared, you need to start adding fertilizers.

Ginger Grow Indoor

Ginger loves mineral supplements, so this should be done 2-3 times a week. This plant prefers light but not open sunlight.  In warm weather, ginger can be taken out onto a balcony or terrace, but the place should be calm. The plant loves high humidity, so I advise you to spray it regularly. By mid-autumn, watering should be reduced and the soil should be allowed to dry. This will stimulate the growth of the root system.


Caring of Plants in Right Way

Your ginger plant will give you a lot of positive emotions if you can properly care for it.

Ginger In Pots

I have collected useful tips on care plant to be beautiful and healthy:

  • It is better to use wider pots than tall ones because the roots of the ginger grow wider;
  • Also, you should be ready to put the plant in an empty place where it will be comfortable even if it grows more than one meter;
  • In the summer, the plant needs regular and even abundant watering. My friends grew ginger and in order not to forget to water it, they kept a bottle of water next to it and glued a bright tape on it;
  • Proper growing ginger indoor will give you amazing blooms. They are delicate flowers, light yellow with a lilac border;
  • After the plant withers, you cannot dig it out immediately. It must stand in the soil for at least a couple of years so that the root can “rest”.


Harvesting Ginger Tips On

To grow indoor ginger, you won’t need to do incredible grooming surgeries. This is an unpretentious plant that loves watering and moisture. If you planted this in February, then the harvest can be obtained in September – November. If you notice that the plant is drying out on some branches, it means that one of the tubers is still “sleeping”.

Growing Ginger Indoors

Definitely, the plant should not stay in direct sun because it will harm it. The roots must be removed, cleaned from the ground and dried. I advise you to use only part of the roots; you can leave the other part for growing for the next year. It is better to store tubers in a cool place that will be well ventilated.

Harvesting Ginger

This will help prevent them from rotting after digging up. I have noticed that the young roots have a softer taste and are less pungent. It is better to finish watering 1.5-2 weeks before digging. Fresh ginger root just wrapp in foil and then store in the refrigerator.


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